Afterschool at CHAD

From sports to fashion: from games to careers.

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Clubs in 2015-2016, below.  Check back for updated information.

Clubs meet between 3:35 and 5:30pm
(ending times vary according to club)
on monday, tuesday, wednesday & thursday as listed

Anime Club

meets: Wednesday Room 207

Students share Anime related images and videos and discuss the original artwork.
Comic Con Prep

meets: Tuesday Room 207

Students will attend the annual Comic Con event in Philadelphia. Club members will prepare for the event throughout the year by creating custom costumes, fundraising, and geeking out!
Ms. Cobb
Cooking Club

meets: Wednesday, meets every other week Room 472

Learn about the art of cooking, healthy foods, ethnic foods; take trips to local food establishments.
Ms. Cortese
Fashion Club

meets: Tuesday Room 458

Participate in the inception, development, creation and execution of a fashion design to culminate in the CHAD Annual Fashion Show.
Mrs. Durkee
Financial Literacy Club

meets: Wednesday, meets every other week Room 472

Learn about money management, budgeting, banking, establishing credit, and investing.
Ms. Cortese
Gay Straight Alliance

meets: Wednesday Room 304

The GSA is an advocacy group in the community of CHAD, bringing issues of human rights, safety, and good humor to the student body through activities and dialogue.
Mrs. Beyer
Meditation Club

meets: Tuesday Room 430

Opportunity to quiet the mind and gain peace of mind.
Mr. Ruth
Modeling Club

meets: Thursday Room 434

Students will have the opportunity to work together to prepare for the CHAD annual fashion show.
Mrs. Durkee
National Honor Society

meets: Thursday Room 313

Participants are pre-selected through a process based on academics and service.
Mrs. Cooke
Silkscreen Club

meets: Wednesday Room 208

Learn the skill of silk-screening from design to production of textiles, posters, t-shirts, etc.
Ms. Capobianco
Student Council

meets: Wednesday Room 209

Participants are elected by student body to be leaders in the community through activities & school store.
Mr. Weber
Video Games Club

meets: Tuesday Room 442

Opportunity to play video games with other classmates in a group setting.
Ms. Buchan