Program of Studies

The Architecture and Design Charter High School (CHAD) awards a high school diploma to every student who meets the requirements for graduation. Such requirements include the successful completion of courses of study for a four-year high school and which meet the standards set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Academic Standards, laws, and regulations.

CHAD requires that all students complete a minimum of twenty-four (24) credits as defined in the Program of Studies between grades 9 and 12 to graduate.

Credits must be completed in the following areas:

Number of Credits Subject Area
4 English
4 Mathematics
3 Science
3 Social Studies
6 DESIGN Arts or Humanities or Both
1 Health and Physical Education
3 Electives
24 Total

Students transferring to the Architecture and Design Charter High School (CHAD) who are in jeopardy of not satisfying local graduation requirements due to differences in requirements between CHAD and the previous school(s) attended are entitled to an adjustment to the graduation requirements according to procedures established by the CEO/Director of Academics.