Program Details


Students take each quarterly class. Emphasis on fundamental concepts, technical skills, craft appreciation and measurement (4.5 hours/week)

Class Titles
  • Fabrication: Drafting, Model Building, Maker Techniques
  • Form and Material: Textiles, Woven Arts, Joinery, Construction
  • Drawing: Sketching, Line & Tone, Illustration, Figure Drawing
  • Visualization: Book Arts, Portfolio, Graphic Technologies
  • Geometric Structures


Students take 4 quarterly classes. Each class introduces concepts and methods relevant to the discipline. Prerequisites to Advanced Design Courses.

Class Titles
  • Intro to Architecture
  • Intro to Environment
  • Intro to Fashion Design
  • Intro to Fine Arts
  • Intro to Graphic Design
  • Intro to Illustration
  • Intro to Industrial/Product
  • Intro to Interactive Design
  • Elements & Principles

Advanced Design

Students take 2 semesterly classes. Each class explores the discipline with greater depth into processes, materials, and methods. Prerequisite: corresponding Introduction Class (9 hrs/ week).

Class Titles
  • Architecture I
  • Environment I
  • Fashion I
  • Fine Arts I
  • Graphic I
  • Illustration I
  • Industrial & Product I
  • Interactive I
  • Elements & Principles

Design Majors

Students study a single discipline with a year long investigation, culminating with the Senior Capstone Project. Prerequisite: corresponding Advanced Class (9 hrs/week).

Class Titles
  • Architecture II
  • Environment II
  • Fashion II
  • Graphic II
  • Industrial & Product II
  • Interactive II
  • Mechanical Design I
  • Elements & Principles