Maritime Physics – Workshop on the Water

On Mondays and Fridays, *CHAD students travel to Independence Seaport Museum, at Penn’s Landing on the Delaware. The museum opens its SAILOR: Science and Arts Innovative Learning on the River program to CHAD students. Students continue their study of physics with the added support of the museum environment and staff. They work in the boat shop gaining skills in design and traditional wooden boat building, and are able to take advantage of the many installations, exhibits, and educational spaces at the museum to extend their physics instruction.

Students learn about buoyancy on the WWII submarine Becuna, and apply concepts in trigonometry to plot a course using sextants from the chartroom of the Spanish American War era cruiser Olympia.

Maritime Physics is a 12th grade physics class with Jeff Gerstemeier held both on campus at Charter High School for Architecture and Design and off-site at the Independence Seaport Museum.

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