Terrance Harden, Class of 2010

What are you doing now?

I am currently running my own production company called Gifted Mindz Productions as Creative Director. Our services range from graphic design and logo work to video and animation. Our most well known client to date that we have done work for is Lincoln University. We redesigned the University’s logo. I also make frequent trips to Rhode Island shooting videos for my friend’s food truck company for promotional use.

How did attending and graduating from CHAD make a difference in your life?

From a designers standpoint, I think CHAD helped to expand my thought processes on design by introducing different approaches and uses of mediums, which greatly prepared me for RISD’s very harsh and disciplinary structure. The supportive lifestyle within CHAD made a big impact on my time after graduation too. Both students’ and staff members’ blunt honesty and tough love made the obstacles ahead of me easier to take on.

Do you have any specific CHAD stories or memories to share? 

I think one of my favorite moments in CHAD was during my last year. The year was nearing its end and I was in Mr. Ruth’s American Studies class finishing up an assignment with the rest of my classmates. Mr. Ruth randomly walked around his desk, over to me, puts hand on my shoulder and whispered that he has been watching me since Freshman year. He said that he​ watched me grow from a kid to a mature responsible young man and that he was very proud. He congratulated me on being accepted to RISD and he went back to his seat.

What would you like people to know about you?

As of now I am planning on going out to California to work with a major Production Company doing film work then eventually come back my own company. I have gained many friends who do incredible things within the industry I have chosen. I’m hoping those connections will put me in a good spot at some point.