Students Experiencing Homelessness Policy


1. Policy and Purpose
1.1 The Board of Trustees of Charter High School for Architecture + Design is committed to ensuring that all students experiencing homelessness have the opportunity to succeed in school consistent with The Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness program (ECYEH), which is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Based on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act, some of the main objectives of ECYEH, and Charter High School for Architecture + Design, are to increase awareness about the needs of homeless students and to assist them to overcome possible educational barriers and to provide support to both students and their families.

To implement this policy, the school has designated a Homeless Liaison who may:

Assist students in homeless situations regarding:
• Enrollment in school
• Participating in all applicable school programs
• Remaining in school if the student moves
• Transportation to and from school
• Receiving free school meals
• Receiving assistance with school-related expenses such as supplies or uniforms
• Ensuring that students receive all school services needed
• Social services referrals
• Other services

Assist families regarding:
• Ensuring students are enrolled in school immediately, even without all paperwork
ordinarily required
• Getting immunizations, immunization records or other medical records if needed
• Informing parents/guardians and students about transportation services and setting
up transportation
• Informing parents/guardians and students about all the programs and services
available at the Student’s School
• Other services

2. Responsibility
2.1 The Board of Trustees of Charter High School for Architecture + Design directs the Chief Executive Officer, through any designee(s) including, but not limited to, the Homeless Liaison, to implement this policy and to eliminate or reduce barriers to school for homeless students. Confidentiality must be maintained.

3. Best Practices

3.1. The Homeless Liaison will be responsible for educating the school community
regarding McKinney-Vento compliance requirements.

3.2. The Homeless Liaison will be responsible for creating processes and forms necessary to effect McKinney-Vento compliance. However, the Homeless Liaison is directed to utilize appropriate and applicable forms and processes promulgated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, including but not limited to BEC Education For Homeless Youth 42 U.S.C. §11431 et seq.