Donna Costello

Principal and Director of Academic Advising and Support

Ms. Costello came to CHAD in 2000 to teach mathematics. Since that time she has taught Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus and served as Math Department Chair and Director of the Tutoring Center. Ms. Costello is currently Principal and Director of Safety and Crisis Planning.

Ms. Costello attended Temple University, where she earned her BA in Criminal Justice. During this time she was a Philadelphia police officer, graduating from the first class to admit females to work street duty. She later attended Holy Family University where she earned her Master of Education, and most recently, University of Pennsylvania for her Principal Certification. Ms. Costello also holds certifications in Elementary Education and Secondary Mathematics, and has taught 1st through 12th grades in the Philadelphia School District, suburban districts, and at CHAD.

Ms. Costello recently became a grandmother and there are now four generations: Her mother Marie, herself, daughter Rie, and granddaughter Jocelyn Noelle.

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