Franc Leo

Spanish II by Design

Born in New York and raised in Peru, he attended the Franklin D. Roosevelt American School of Lima. He has his Bachelor of Architecture and Masters Degree in Architecture & Urban Design, is a Registered Professional Architect, Member and International Associate of The American Institute of Architects, South Jersey Chapter, with over 16 years of business experience and over 20 years of practice and experience in architectural, urban and artistic design, development, planning, and managing Art & Creative Workshops and as an Foundations Workshop consultant. He has over three years experience working as a Spanish and English language skills developer, teacher for 4th through 12th grades, is also involved in Bilingual Creative Workshops, helping young adults and adults at all learning levels.

In his own words… “I consider myself a detail-oriented, high-energy teacher with the ability to motivate students to work at their optimum levels while maintaining a comfortable, creative environment, and keeping a clear perspective of goals to be accomplished. I have extensive experience helping students broaden their perspectives for personal expression through visual artistry.”

The ability to combine the artistic sensibilities and Spanish language to create exciting visual impact while enhancing the overall learning experience and meeting project specifications in the workshop’s criteria is imperative in his classroom. Teacher and students organize and coordinate creative class projects on numerous levels based on the students’ language and artistic abilities. This leads to strong language, artistic and architectural skills to aid in the execution of clean, tight designs in order to complete a specified creative and academically descriptive project. His hobby, out of the architectural and instructional world, is horseback trail-riding, based on his experience as a breeder and trainer of Peruvian Paso horses, in Pachacamac, Peru.

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