Michael Reingold


Mike Reingold currently teaches freshman drawing foundation. Mr. Reingold holds degrees in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis and Medical Illustration from the University of Illinois in Chicago. He pursued a freelance commercial medical and scientific illustration career in which he contributed to virtually every aspect of the field. Clients include the New York Times, Forbes Magazine. Scientific American Magazine, Discover Magazine, Simon and Schuster Publishing, W.W. Norton Publishing, Mosby/ Yearbook Publishing, Merck&Co.;, Pzifer, and Bristol-Myers/Squibb. He is currently the sole illustrator for the Merck Manuals.

Mr. Reingold made a commitment to pass on his passion for drawing and design and joined the CHAD staff in 1999, its first year. He continues to infuse his students, inside the classroom and out, with a love of the visual arts. He is active with many extra-curricular activities and has been influential in bringing fashion design to CHAD. Mr. Reingold lives in a 150 year old house in New Jersey with his wife, two daughters and a boxer. Besides all things visual, his interests include books, cooking, youth sports and outdoor activities.

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Email: mreingold@chadmail.us