Peter Kountz

Head of School

Peter Kountz came to CHAD in July of 2005. Before that time, he was an administrator and faculty member at The University of Chicago, from which he has his MA and Ph.D and where he was the first Curator of the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House, and the University of Rochester where he was a faculty member, Dean of Students in the University and assistant baseball coach. Mr. Kountz also headed large K-12 schools in Pittsburgh and Brooklyn. Mr. Kountz has been involved with school and university teaching and administration since 1969. In his other lives, Mr. Kountz is a musician, writer, and consultant. Among other things, he continues to coach professional musicians. Mr. Kountz and his wife Nanci have three children, Fred (27), Henry (24) and Isabelle (21) and live in Philadelphia.