Richard Peel


Richard graduated from Rutgers University and began teaching in Camden, NJ after deciding to fulfill his life-long desire to enter the world of teaching. Mr. Peel also attended the City of Leeds School of Music in England where he played, designed, and built electric guitars. Mr. Peel is tremendously excited to be part of the World Languages Department at CHAD. By the way, did you notice that word ‘World’? Mr. Peel doesn’t like the negative connotations of the word ‘foreign’ and encourages everyone to look it up in a dictionary. He is mildly obsessed with dictionaries and often can be found reading them for fun.

Originally from Morecambe, a small town in the north of England (up the Shrimps!), Mr. Peel has been living in the US since 1996 and is now an American citizen. He is the proud father of an eleven year old son, and lists marrying his wife (also a teacher, the kid doesn’t stand a chance!) as the best decision he ever made. As the coach of the CHAD Lions soccer team, Mr. Peel brings his love of fútbol to our school, but whatever you do, don’t ask him if he likes Man United – here’s a hint, he doesn’t!

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