Shawn Reath

Shawn Reath, 9th Grade World History Teacher

After graduating in May of 2014 from Temple University’s education program, I was given the excellent opportunity to teach 9th grade world history here at Charter High School for Architecture and Design! In my final semester at Temple, I was selected to do my student teaching here at CHAD for 11th grade American History. I had a great experience here and truly learned a lot about teaching therefore, when I was offered the job here, I was very excited. To list all of the benefits would take up way too much time but I will say it has been a less stressful transition knowing who everyone is in the building and where everything is before my first official day of teaching. That being said, I am truly learning as much as the students in my first year of teaching and am growing to becoming a better teacher day by day because of them.

Just some brief background, I am from York, Pennsylvania which is just about 2 hours from Philadelphia. Initially, I attended York College of Pennsylvania but it didn’t suit the needs I saw important so I transferred to Temple University and couldn’t be more thankful that I made the change. I actually come from a long line of teachers. My father taught history for 33 years and my grandmather taught reading for the majority of her life. When I was younger I used to tag along on field trips with my father and I think that is where I developed my love for history. I think history is an important subject to study because of how it affects the future. If I can get the students to put themselves in the shoes of different historical actors throughout history, they can look at our country today and understand why it is where it is and understand where it will go in the future based on the actions we take daily.