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Prime Potence Review (2022): Is It a SCAM?

There are many bold statements made about Prime Potence.

It’s advertised to improve sex drive and low libido.

Moreover, Prime Potence guarantees that it enhances size as well as erection quality.

Unfortunately, none of it’s true.

Or, at least for many, the risks do not outweigh the potential benefits.

Learn more about what makes Prime Potence dangerous in the complete review.

What is Prime Potence?

does prime potence really work

Prime Potence is marketed to regain your authority in the bedroom.

The manufacturer claims that the male enhancement product will improve size and thickness of erections.

Furthermore, the supplement is reported to drastically improve sex drive as well as treat issues like erectile dysfunction (ED).

While there is an unfortunate, growing demand for pills that treat low libido and ED, not all products are what they advertise.

Prime Potence is formulated with 8 ingredients (more information, below) that are reportedly all-natural.

Nevertheless, it has not been clinically researched.

As such, we’ve discovered some alarming trends (see, Prime Potence Side Effects).

Prime Potence is produced by S.O. Labs LLC.

What makes this supplier sketchy is no official website exists nor customer service department.

It seems a little reckless and shifty considering the formula hasn’t been thoroughly tested on humans.

For this reason (and many others), Prime Potence is a complete scam.

There is nothing trustworthy from this supplier and the side effects are disturbing, to say the least.

Prime Potence Benefits

The marketing team behind the product claims that the male enhancement formula offers several benefits.

The benefits of Prime Potence appear impressive.

However, it’s important to note that the product has not been properly tested on humans.

As a result, there is no clinical evidence to suggest that Prime Potence is effective or safe.

Notwithstanding, here is what the company reports are the benefits:

  • Improved Sex Drive
  • Improved Strength & Stamina
  • Bigger, Stronger Erections
  • Increased Testosterone
  • Prevents Early Ejaculation
  • Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

There are other all-natural supplements that we recommend for improving sex drive over Prime Potence.

Erectin, for example, actually is clinically proven to improve sex drive and low libido.

How does Prime Potence work?

Prime Potence is largely advertised because of it’s “natural formula”.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of male enhancement formulas that can make this claim and trick customers into buying their products.

It’s always important to find out what research and clinical studies are behind the formula, if any.

Therefore, Prime Potence lacks credibility even if the company claims it’s effective.

In fact, there is more evidence to indicate that the formula is harmful for you than it is beneficial.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage mixed in with legit male enhancement formulas.

There are plenty of over-the-counter supplements that make all kinds of bold assertions.

Sadly, many men fall prey particularly because low libido and ED are such frustrating issues.

Prime Potence argues its formula is effective by boosting testosterone.

While that’s a good start toward increasing sex drive and arousal, it’s not the only issue men need to address.

Secondly, Prime Potence claims its formula dramatically improves energy and stamina which, in turn, leads to better sex.

Third, the supplement is reported to improve blood flow leading to stronger, firmer, thicker erections.

Does Prime Potence work?

There are several disturbing trends with Prime Potence.

For starters, the formula is loaded with potent ingredients that can lead to an overdose if over-consumed.

Prime Potence is not available in stores or pharmacies nor endorsed by any legitimate physician.

Customers that spend money will be extremely disappointed with the end result.

The male enhancement supplement is not a reliable way to improve size and erection quality.

Instead, customers should consider buying an all-natural formula with research and satisfied customer reviews to back its claims.

In general, the best supplements for improving sex drive increase testosterone and blood flow.

Additionally, the top supplements for libido boost energy leading to longer, more satisfying sex.

Sadly, men are fighting a losing battle as testosterone and blood flow generally decline with age.

Now, however, there are many products designed to reverse the effects and signs of aging.

Prime Potence Ingredients

The formula contains 8 different ingredients.

The ingredients are designed to improve blood flow to the penis.

As a result, it’s said to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and other issues related to low libido.

Here is a closer look at the ingredients in more detail:

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is utilized in many male enhancement formulas.

It received its name from ancient cultures that used it as a natural aphrodisiac.

Nevertheless, horny goat weed is not well researched in the Western world.

There is also evidence to support using horny goat weed for treating osteoarthritis.


There are many benefits to an herbal supplement like L-Arginine.

For starters, it’s good for blood pressure as well as improving blood flow.

Consequently, L-Arginine is also connected to treating erectile dysfunction.2

L-Arginine relaxes muscles around the penis which contributes to harder, longer lasting erections.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a plant that produces berries which provide health benefits.

The berries are known to preserve testosterone by inhibiting breakdown of the hormone.

Moreover, Saw Palmetto boosts testosterone levels and is good for the prostate.3

Therefore, men find many anti-aging benefits to Saw Palmetto.

Asian Red Ginseng

Asian red ginseng is heavily used in the East.

Unfortunately, the Western world has not caught up nearly as quickly to its health benefits.

Asian red ginseng is linked to improving energy and stamina.

There is also studies that have examined how Asian red ginseng may treat ED.4


BioPerine is a patented, powerful form of black pepper.

While there are benefits to supplementing this type of black pepper, users should also exercise caution.

BioPerine is very powerful and can contribute to an abnormal heart rate.

Thus, it’s important to watch the amount you consume.

All in all, there is hope that BioPerine can improve sexual health in the future.

Other Ingredients?

Prime Potence claims it has a natural formula.

However, only 5 of the 8 active ingredients are natural.

In fact, the company doesn’t even advertise what other ingredients make up the formula.

Prime Potence Side Effects

Unfortunately, Prime Potence is far from the safest male enhancement pill.

The formula may feature some worthy, natural ingredients.

However, there are also some nasty side effects reported with using the product.

First, it’s heavily reported that it causes frequent, irritating headaches.

Moreover, there are many users that mention experiencing an abnormal heart rate.

Then, you have to consider that the product may lead to overdose.

The manufacturer doesn’t even advise customers on how to properly take the supplement.

Lastly, insomnia is another common side effect of the male enhancement product.

For many men, these side effects are not worth the chance of improving libido.

Yes, most men desperately want to solve ED, however this is not the best method to do so.

There are many legit male enhancement formulas that are not nearly as dangerous to consume.

Prime Potence Results

There is no clinical research to support using Prime Potence.

The supplement has not been thoroughly tested and, therefore, you cannot believe its exaggerated assertions.

Yes, it may help improve libido.

The supplement is known to increase testosterone which is a benefit for many men.

Regardless, you also have to keep in mind the product features some unproven ingredients.

Plus, any formula designed to alter a hormone profile may produce unwanted side effects as a result.

Then, there is practically no customer support or testimonials from satisfied customers.

Rather, most of what you’ll find online about Prime Potence is damaging to its reputation.

Where to Buy?

Prime Potence is only available for sale from third-party retailers.

You cannot find it available in stores or at a pharmacy.

It’s not medically endorsed and you cannot even buy directly from the manufacturer.

The lack of an official website is a red flag so you’ll only find it for sale on websites like Amazon.

In general, the product sells for a price comparable to other male enhancement products.

The supplement is not all that expensive yet the lack of a money-back guarantee or any type of customer service is not the sign of a good company.

Conclusion: Is Prime Potence a SCAM?

There is nothing about Prime Potence to indicate it works as advertised.

Instead, there are some unproven ingredients and dangerous side effects.

For many men, the risk of using the supplement is not worth it.

The supplement lacks credibility without an official website or customer service.

It seems like the company is hiding behind something.

Could it be that its male enhancement product is not effective or safe?

Be that as it may, it ultimately comes down to the customer.

Do you really trust what Prime Potence is saying?


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Paul Musumba
Prime Potence Review

Prime Potence Review

1.8 out of 5 (73 Ratings)

Prime Potence is advertised to improve sex drive and low libido. However, there are several harmful and dangerous trends with the product.

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