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1 Andro Review (2022): Results, Side Effects, Dose, & More

Athletes constantly push themselves to get bigger, faster, and stronger.

The quest has pushed bodybuilders to experiment with powerful, dangerous solutions like anabolic steroids.

Unfortunately, these types of muscle growth and strength gain stimulants also pose health risks and serious side effects.

As a result, more in the industry are turning to prohormones like 1 Andro.

1 Andro (also known as 1-DHEA) is a prohormone that assists the body in testosterone production.1

For this reason, users can experience the muscle, strength, and recovery benefits of anabolic steroids, but without the horrible side effects.

There is much to learn about 1-Androsterone as clinical studies and FDA approval remain evasive.

Nevertheless, there are multiple reasons athletes of all levels may want to consider building a new weight stack with prohormones.

Learn more about 1 Andro in our complete review.

What Is 1 Andro?

1 andro is one of the best prohormones for strength and mass

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1-Androstene (1 Andro) is a non-methylated prohormone.

Prohormones (PH) are sometimes referred to as “precursor hormones” or “light steroids” because they exhibit some of the same qualities as steroids.2

These compounds do not directly affect an organism, but rather serve as the basic foundation for influencing hormone growth (i.e. testosterone production).

Consequently, the primary purpose of prohormones is to improve overall performance by building lean muscle.

Prohormones like 1 Andro are considered more powerful compared to Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) yet often supplemented together in a bulking weight stack.

Moreover, since 1 Andro is non-methylated it converts to 1-Testosterone, but not DHT or estrogen.3

Thus, users do not report near the severity of side effects compared to anabolic steroids.

The reported benefits of 1 Andro include:

  • Building Lean Muscle
  • Strength Gains
  • Muscle Hardness
  • Faster Recovery
  • Improves Protein Synthesis

Lastly, 1 Andro serves as an aromatase inhibitor that prevents the build-up of estrogen (a common issue with steroids).4

The compound produces little to no water retention which is crucial to avoid bloating and other unwanted side effects (i.e. gynecomastia).5

How Does 1 Andro Work?

1-Androsterone is a type of chemical that is classified as a prohormone.

These compounds serve as the basic structure and building blocks to influence other hormones in the body.

Prohormones are capable of improving testosterone levels while avoiding DHT and estrogen (unlike anabolic steroids).

Testosterone is crucial to building lean muscle as well as experiencing faster recovery between workouts.

While clinical studies are limited regarding 1-Androsterone (and FDA approval is still lacking); early research indicates that consuming 330mg per day increases strength and may also lower body fat.2

Prohormones are typically divided into 2 groups: methylated and non-methylated.

Non-methylated prohormones (like 1 Andro) are viewed as far less damaging to the body, especially liver function.

Furthermore, the side effects are far less substantial during and after a cycle.

1 Andro is a close cousin of 4 Andro yet the two prohormones provide different benefits.

For example, 1 Andro is commonly used during the “cutting phase” while 4 ANdro is more appropriate for bulking.

More importantly, 1 Andro is not known to convert into DHT or Estrogen (unlike 4 Andro).

Therefore, those that stick to suggested dosing and cycle instructions (more information, below) should witness little to no side effects.

Side-Effects of 1-Androsterone

Athletes and bodybuilders that have supplemented 1 Andro generally witness minimal side effects.

The substance is considered far safer compared to anabolic steroids as well as methylated prohormones.6

Thus, the common issues of water retention (bloating) and gyno are not evident to most users that stick to the recommended dosage.

The most common side effects of 1 Andro include:

  • Acne
  • Hair Loss
  • Back Bumps
  • Headaches

There are some users that report a decrease in libido as a result of prohormones.

Additionally, elevated blood pressure is witnessed in some users and is important to note if you suffer from a preexisting condition.

Those that take anti-depressants or other prescription medications should consult a physician prior to introducing new supplements into their regimen.

If you are new to 1 Andro stick to the suggested dosage and cycle length, as well as utilize Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

Following these guidelines can vastly reduce the potential side effects yet, ultimately, symptoms vary by person.

The best advice with any new supplement or weight stack is to start “low and slow”.

Does 1 Andro Really Work?

The controversy over 1-Androsterone remains partly because the compound lacks FDA approval.

However, this is the norm with many supplements as clinical research is simply lacking.

While we would love to see more research dedicated to prohormones like 1-Androsterone, it does not seem to appear a priority of the FDA.

For this reason, much of the reputation of 1 Andro is connected to word-of-mouth testimonials.

Despite the lack of federal oversight, prohormones are common in the world of weight lifting and bodybuilding.

There are reports that 1 Andro can assist users in gaining 5-10 lbs of lean muscle.

Additionally, body fat reductions are reported that range from 1-5%.

How To Use 1 Andro?

For starters, 1 Andro is only recommended for adult men that are over the age of 21.

Please keep in mind that 1-Androsterone lacks FDA approval and is designed for research purposes only.

Consequently, the suggested dose and cycle length for 1 Andro is based on recommendations from bodybuilders.

These dose/cycle lengths vary, as a result, with suggested guidelines such as:

  • Beginners: 100-150mg
  • Intermediate: 300-600mg
  • Advanced: 500-1000mg

The suggested cycle length for 1-Androsterone is traditionally 6-8 weeks.

The daily intake usually involves consuming 1 capsule in the morning and afternoon during the first four weeks.

Then, the dosage is slightly increased during the middle of your cycle.

There are some that also suggest consuming 1 Andro prior to a workout to get an additional boost of testosterone.

Meanwhile, the final few weeks of using 1 Andro should include a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan to avoid unwanted side effects.

Post Cycle Therapy enables users to maintain strength gains while reducing side effects as you eliminate the substance from daily intake.

Creating a PCT allows you to restore natural testosterone production as well as detoxify the body.

Additionally, it improves immune function while also restoring libido that may have decreased during the cycle.

Unfortunately, since government research remains limited, most of these cycles begin with some trial and error.

Therefore, we suggest starting “low and slow” (or, low dosage with a gradual increase over the length of the cycle).

Most users of 1 Andro report noticing improvements in lean muscle, strength, and recovery during the second week of use.

However, results do vary by person.

Where Can You Buy 1 Andro?

1-Androsterone is available from a multitude of suppliers yet we recommend sticking to a reliable company.

The 1 Andro capsules available from Pure Rawz are one of the top options on the market.

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In general, capsules are easier and cheaper to consume compared to uncomfortable injections (like with anabolic steroids).

With that said, Pure Rawz also offers a liquid version of 1- Andro on their site.

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Pure Rawz offers affordable prohormones with a satisfaction guarantee.

The brand is unique in that the entire shopping experience is secure with a money-back guarantee.

Furthermore, all orders placed through Pure Rawz include free shipping!

1 Andro is often “stacked” with other supplements for a complete body transformation.

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1-Androsterone stacks well with virtually any other prohormone or SARM.

It’s common to stack 1 Andro with its distant cousin – 4 Andro – to get both a cutting and bulking aid in one complete weight stack.

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You may also want to consider adding SARM Support in the cycle like GW-0742, Silden-Tadal, or Halodrol.

In the end, customer satisfaction is the ultimate priority at Pure Rawz.

4 Andro Vs. 1 Andro

Rather then get into a lengthy discussion about the differences between 4 Andro and 1 Andro, check out the video below for all the details:

Conclusion – Is It Worth Trying 1 Androsterone?

There is a lot of positive momentum in the weight lifting and bodybuilding communities that support the use of prohormones, like 1-Androsterone.

1 Andro and other prohormones seek to stimulate and increase testosterone levels.

These “muscle-building” hormones are crucial to gaining lean muscle and accelerating recovery between workouts.

Unfortunately, the government remains slow to respond as is the case with many supplements on the market.

However, there are many that support non-methylated prohormones as a safer alternative compared to anabolic steroids.

These prohormones are not designed to produce the same nasty side effects since 1 Andro does not convert to DHT or estrogen.

As a result, users do not notice the same bloating (because of the minimal water retention) and gynecomastia, as is the case with anabolic steroids.

Nonetheless, it’s understandable to feel cautious about prohormones since much is still unknown about the compound.

We suggest doing your research, speaking to others in the weightlifting community, and considering all weight stack options before making a final decision.

Of course, you should speak to a physician prior to supplementation if you are taking other medications or suffer from high blood pressure.

In the end, we hope that 1-Androsterone can help you reach your fitness goals and receive a complete body transformation!


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