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6 Best SARMs Companies & Sources for 2022

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) have taken the fitness world by storm in the last several years.

People are interested in the types of benefits that these products can offer.

Some of those benefits include increased fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, increased bone density, and a low risk of side effects.

Of course, when you start to look at all of the options on the market, it can feel overwhelming.

Many companies are offering these products and knowing which one to choose can feel impossible.

To make things easier for you, we’ve collected the 6 best SARMS companies that you can trust.

#1. Sports Technology Labs

sports technology labs is considered one of the best SARMS companies on the market

Note: Click Here to visit the official Sports Technology Labs website.

First up on our list of the best SARMS companies is none other than Sports Technology Labs.

If you’re looking for the finest quality SARMS on the market, look no further than these guys.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the field, they have developed a strong reputation in that time.

They are one of the leaders in SARMs, as well as other supplements.

Types Of Products Offered By Sports Technology Labs

Sports Technology Labs, which is located in Shelton, CT, sells a wide variety of SARMS in various forms.

These forms include liquids and powders, as well as a host of SARMS stacks.

They sell all of the more popular SARMS, including:

  • Ibutamoren (MK-677)
  • Ostarine (MK-2866)
  • Testolone (RAD 140)
  • Cardarine (GW-501516)
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
  • Stenabolic (SR9009)
  • YK-11

They also sell a number of very effective SARMS stacks, which will help you achieve your goals faster than using a single SARM alone.

They include:

  • Mass Stack (LGD-4033 & MK-677)
  • Strength Stack (RAD-140 & GW-501516)
  • Cutting Stack (GW-501516 & SR9009)
  • Advanced Cutting Stack (MK-2866, GW-501516, & SR9009)
  • Advanced Mass Stack (YK-11, MK-677, & LGD-4033)

Click Here to learn more about their SARMS stacks.

Benefits Of Buying From Sports Technology Labs

There are several big advantages to buying SARMS from Sports Technology Labs instead of from the other companies on this page.

Here’s just a few of those benefits:


When you compare Sports Technology Labs pricing with that of other SARMS sources, the difference is very obvious.

For example, a 30 ML bottle of liquid Ostarine costs $49.99 on the Sports Technology Labs website.

Over at Pure Rawz, that same 30 ML bottle will cost you $69.98.

That’s a $20 difference…for the exact same product!

Over on the Behemoth Labz website (our #3 choice), a 30 ML bottle of Ligandrol will run you $91.48.

On the Sports Technology Labs website, that same 30 ML bottle of Ligandrol will cost you just $54.99.

That’s a savings of just over $36!

The pricing works out the same for virtually all of the other SARMS companies on this page, making Sports Technology Labs the clear winner when it comes to price.

Click Here to visit their official website.

3rd Party Testing

While all of the other SARMS sources on this page do 3rd party testing on their products, Sports Technology Labs takes it a step further.

They offer certificates of analysis (COA) for every single one of their SARMS products, those of which you can see here.

They routinely test their batches to ensure that you’re getting 100% of the product you ordered.

Best Credit Card Processing In The Industry

If you’ve been shopping for SARMS recently, you probably have noticed that nearly none of the companies selling them make it easy to buy.

They want you to pay for your order via Zelle, Venmo, a personal check, or even crypto.

Some will give you the ability to pay via a credit card, but usually charge enormous fees.

The reason behind this is they are using overseas credit card processors, which bring in a host of issues.

This is not the case with Sports Technology Labs…

Unlike the competition, they use a USA-based credit card processor, which makes the checkout process way easier.

In addition, they do not charge any fees to check out with a credit card.

US Based Shipping

Another big benefit of ordering from Sports Technology Labs is that their fulfillment center is based right here in the US.

Most of the other SARMS companies on this page ship their products from overseas.

This can cause massive delays in getting your order, sometimes upwards of a month!

With Sports Technology Labs, you can expect a very fast turnaround time.

Oftentimes, you’ll get your order in as little as 2-3 days.

Visit the official website here:

#2. Pure Rawz

pure rawz review - best sarm company

Note: Click Here to visit the official Pure Rawz website.

Another popular SARMS source is a company by the name of Pure Rawz.

Pure Rawz has been in business for a number of years, and has been widely recognized as one of the most legit SARMS suppliers in the business.

Read our complete Pure Rawz SARMS review here.

Types of Products Offered from Pure Rawz

Of course, the SARMs are what we’re most interested in here. You will find a wide selection available.

One of the hallmarks of the company is its flavored liquid SARMs.

This makes them easier to take, and they can add a little bit of flavor to the day.

Some of the types of products offered include:

  • GW-501516 (Cardarine)
  • GW-0742, LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)
  • S-4 (Andarine)
  • MK-2866 (Ostarine)
  • RAD-140 (Testolone)
  • YK-11 (Myostine)
  • MK-677 (Ibutamoren)

One of the best things about Pure Rawz is, unlike many of their competitors, they offer SARMS in a number of different variations.

These include:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Powders
  • Transdermals
  • Injectables

Click Here to shop around and see what works best for you.

SARMS such as Ostarine have been clinically studied and proven to improve muscle tissue and growth, especially when combined with Ligandrol.2

While much is still unknown about Testolone, some studies have shown neuroprotective cultured neurons in rats.3

Additionally, they sell SARMS in tablet form as well.

You can find pre-stacked SARMs capsules if you would like. Some include:

  • LGD 4033, RAD 140, YK11 Tablets Research Stack
  • SR9009 and Cardarine Tablets Research Stack
  • Ostarine and Cardarine Tablets Research Stack
  • LGD 4033 and MK677 Stack
  • LGD 4033 and Ostarine Stack
  • S4 and LGD 4033 Research Stack

Some of the other types of items the company provides include peptides, nootropics, botanicals, and prohormones.

Click Here to see their full SARMS stack lineup.

Pure Rawz Reviews

Let’s look at a few reviews to see what customers have to say about the products from Pure Rawz:

“Very effective product. Seemed to have worked my friends rat within the first hour of taking. It helped a lot with recovery/healing.” – Robert

“Great product. My friends hamster has been using Mk677 tabs for Two years approximately and has been making steady progress. Happy with this product.” – Edward

“I’ve bought from several sources and the one I trust the most for quality is Pure Raws. I never have to worry about what I’m getting being of the best quality and price.” – William

Pure Rawz Pricing

The prices for the products vary from one to the next, but you will find that they are often the same as or less than many of the other companies on the market.

You will find that most of the prices for the SARMs will be between $28 to $148 depending on the size of the bottle you choose with the liquid product.

Premade stacks can cost more. The Demigod stack, which contains Ostarine and Cardarine, is $128.60 per bottle.

All in all, Pure Rawz is easily one of the best SARMS companies on the market today.

Visit the official website here:

#3. Chemyo

chemyo is another great source for sarms

Note: Click Here to visit the official Chemyo website.

Next up on our list of the best SARMS companies is Chemyo. The company is located in Wilmington, DE.

They are one of the other SARMS companies that have built a strong reputation in the field over the past couple of years.

This company prides itself on the quality of the products offered, along with its testing.

Customers tend to like the company and leave favorable reviews for them, making them one of the best SARMS companies on the market.

Types of Products Offered from Chemyo

When you opt to buy products from Chemyo, you will find quite a few SARMs readily available.

This includes options like GW-501516 (Cardarine), GW-0742, S-4 (Andarine), MK-2866 (Ostarine), RAD-140 (Testolone), YK-11 (Myostine), and MK-677 (Ibutamoren).

While you can buy the solutions separately, they also have value packs available that include more than one SARM for a slightly lower price.

This includes the following SARM stacks:

  • RAD-140 and GW-501516 value pack
  • S4 and MK-677 value pack
  • S4 and GW-501516 value pack

These stacks have shown tremendous promise in the literature. For example, stacking RAD-140 with GW-501516 has shown excellent pharmacokinetics and is a potent anabolic in nonhuman primates as well.4

Chemyo Reviews

As always, you will want to get a better idea of what customers are saying about the product.

Let’s look at a couple of reviews of Chemyo.

“I’ve purchased LGD-4033 many times from Chemyo. The product always comes in quickly, and the results have been consistently impressive! I definitely saw the positive effects that the research studies speak of. I feel safe ordering from this company knowing that all products are lab-tested for purity. I’ve heard stories about other companies selling mislabeled products. Never had anything but good experiences with Chemyo.”­ Luke (Chemyo site)

“Have utilized GW-50156 and RAD from Chemyo a bit over a year ago. Positive and expected results from both chems. Payment/shipped/received promptly. Packaged nice and neat. All around 5 stars, don’t question it, if you’re reading this, make the change at Chemyo! You’ll thank me later!!!”­ – Juan (Chemyo site)

“I’ve ordered a few times, great product, fast delivery, and great customer service with quick response to any question. There’s no BS. Great place, great prices.” – James (Chemyo site)

“Bought 4 bottles ostarine definitely legit, 1 LGD, definitely legit, and 8 cardarines, definitely legit. I swear by them. Did Rad by Science Bio and wasn’t super impressed with the results, to be honest. Chemyo all day!” – Bringonthebacon92 (Reddit)

“Been using chemyo strictly. Love the e-check method. Properly dosed. Great customer service. My last package was damaged, and they responded to email same day and sent a replacement no problem.” – dndrugs (Reddit)

From the reviews alone, it’s clear that Chemyo is one of the best SARMS companies to buy from today.

Chemyo Pricing

The prices for the products are a bit higher than what you will pay with some of the other SARMS companies, but you’ll find that they tend to have prices that are in line with what a lot of other companies are charging.

Here are some of the typical prices:

  • MK-677 Ibutamoren, 50ml – $69.99
  • YK-11, 50ml – $74.99
  • GW-501516 Cardarine, 50ml – $54.99
  • RAD-140 and GW-501516 value pack, $114.99

Visit the official website here:

#4. Paradigm Peptides

paradigm peptides review

Note: Click Here to visit the official Paradigm Peptides website.

Nest up on our list of the best SARMS companies is none other then Paradigm Peptides.

Located in Bourbonnais, Illinois, they were founded in 2014 with the goal of getting research chemicals like SARMs to the people who need them.

They have several manufacturers they’ve partnered with in the United States to help them create a wide range of items.

Paradigm Peptides strive to provide only the best products that are pure and authentic, so they can provide customers with the effects they want.

Read our complete Paradigm Peptides review here.

Types of Products Offered from Paradigm Peptides

The company offers a range of peptides, as well as SARMs. Some of the options available from the company include GW-501516 (cardarine), GW-0742, LGD-3033/4033 (Ligandrol), S-4 (Andarine), MK-2866 (Ostarine), RAD-140 (Testolone), YK-11 (Myostine), SR-9009 (Stenabolic), and MK-677 (Ibutamoren).

Paradigm Peptides Reviews

One of the main reasons this is one of the best SARMS companies out there is because of the sheer amount of positive reviews they’ve received.

Let’s look at a few of the reviews from actual customers who have used products from Paradigm Peptides:

“Everything I’ve ordered has been of good quality. Lots of information on their website to help find what you need. Shipping is fast and reasonable. Very happy with Paradigm Peptides!” – George M. (Paradigm Peptides site)

“I love Paradigm peptides. Most things are always in stock and if not, soon will be. They offer new information on how peptides can help the body. I am assured of their quality and customer service. Great place to purchase peptides.” – Terri T. (Paradigm Peptides site)

“Hands-down the best company around! Been using them for several months now for multiple Peptides needs, mostly for healing but they have a ton of other stuff as well. They’re very knowledgeable and make nothing but quality products! Not to mention they are a US-made company which is always important in my book. Highly recommend!” – Jen Kawa (Facebook)

Paradigm Peptides Pricing

The prices for the products from this company are similar to the others, but some products tend to be on the lower end of the price scale. Let’s look at a few examples.

  • S4, 60 capsules – $45.00
  • RAD-140, 60 capsules – $79.95
  • GW-501516, 60 capsules – $59.95
  • MK-677, 60 capsules – $69.65

Visit the official website here:

#5. Swiss Chems

swiss chems is a legit sarms company

Note: Click Here to visit the official Swiss Chems website.

Last up on our list is a company called Swiss Chems.

All of their products are 3rd party tested for purity, they have 1,000’s of reviews from satisfied customers, and they are widely regarded as the best SARMS company in the world.

They provide a wide range of different types of products including peptides, male enhancement pills, and SARMs.

The company offers products at reasonable prices, while still providing the best quality possible.

Types of Products Offered From Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems has a huge range of products from which to choose, not just SARMs including kratom and peptides.

However, we’re interested in what they can offer with their SARMs.

You’ll be pleased to find out that they have quite a few fantastic options available including GW-501516 (cardarine), MK-677 (ibutamoren), RAD-140 (Testolone), YK-11 (Myostine), MK-2866 (Ostarine), and S4 (Andarine).

Some of these products, such as Cardarine, have been clinically studied and proven to enhance cardiovascular endurance.1

Additionally, they have prebuilt stacks that you can choose from, which include three products each.

They include:

  • Bulker Stack – YK-11, Testolone, and MK-677
  • Cutter Stack – S23, S4, and GW-501516
  • Beginners Stack – RAD-140, GW-501516, MK-677, & Swiss Naturals Testosterone Booster

If you’re brand new to SARMS, it’s highly recommended that you go with the Beginners Bundle.

It provides all of the SARMS you need to get the results you’re looking for, click here to learn more.

Swiss Chems Reviews

As always, you want to make sure you are working with a company you can trust.

Take the time to check out what some of the company’s customers have to say about them.

The team over at Swiss Chems was really helpful when I was placing my order. They answered every single question and walked me through the process. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank you.” – Chris G (Swiss Chems site)

“Great customer service. Products are real and shipped on time.” – Mark Hehr (Swiss Chems site)

“Swiss Chems is the best website on the Internet for research chemicals. Not only amazing products, but amazing and responsive customer service, as well. Simply the best.” – Preston (Swiss Chems site)

“Swiss Chems is a reputable source I can recommend, only made a single purchase personally and have people around me purchase from them, just their solvents and the chemicals used aren’t the best, some of my tests for dangerous chemicals went positive but it is overall good. Also, the SARMs were %100 and not 30 or 50. Buy powder first then do tests.” – BeDark0 (Reddit)

Swiss Chems Pricing

How much does the company charge for the products?

While it can vary from one product to the next, you will find that they are similar to what you might expect for SARMs from competing sources.

Here’s an example of some of their prices:

  • GW-501516, 60 capsules – $69.95
  • MK-677, 60 capsules – $69.95
  • RAD-140, 60 capsules – $89.95
  • Bulker Stack – $225.87

Visit the official website here: Swisschems.Is

#6. Behemoth Labz

behemoth labz logo

Note: We no longer recommend buying from Behemoth Labz. Click Here to find out why in our exclusive story.

Behemoth Labz is one of the leaders when it comes to SARMs today, and they have a wealth of quality products on their site.

The company has been in business since 2014 and has been providing the best possible research chemicals on the market.

Like other top companies, they lab test to ensure pure ingredients.

The company also offers around-the-clock customer service.

Types of Products Offered by Behemoth Labz

You can find both capsule and liquid SARM options, so you can choose which one you prefer.

They have a wide range of SARMs including S4 (Andarine), GW-501516 (Cardarine), MK-677 (Ibutamoren), and more.

They also have a wide range of different combinations and stacks from which you can choose including:

  • Ostarine and Cardarine
  • Ostarine and MK-677
  • S4 and cardarine

Ostarine and Cardarine happen to be one of the most popular SARMS stacks, and early clinical studies have demonstrated potential uses in the treatment of cancer patients.5

There are many different products available on the site, and that can sometimes make it difficult to find just what you need.

However, thanks to the search function at the top of the page, it becomes easier to narrow down your choices.

Behemoth Labz Reviews

What are customers saying about the company? Most of the users have nothing but good things to say about their experience with Behemoth Labz.

“Quality of product is legit and as advertised, a company that you can trust, feel assured by them, all of the products have never let me down, and the results prove it.” – Mike C. (Behemoth Labz site)

“Great product, I would absolutely purchase again. And the prices make it even more well worth it!” – Andro Meda (Behemoth Labz site)

Behemoth Labz Pricing

As you might expect, the prices for the products vary substantially, but they do tend to be a bit higher than the other options on the list.

In some cases, it’s because they have higher dosages per serving than other brands.

Let’s look at a few prices to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

Keep in mind that there are often discounts available, which can help to bring the costs down.

  • MK-677, 60 capsules – $114.21
  • RAD-140, 60 capsules – $138.46
  • Ostarine and Cardarine Stack, 60 capsules – $80.27

We no longer recommend buying from Behemoth Labz, click here to find out why.


If you are interested in SARMs, you want the best. This means you don’t want to mess around with companies that are selling low-quality products or that have a bad reputation.

Stick to the best SARMS companies on this list, and you can rest easier knowing that you are choosing high-quality products.

There’s a reason why they’re considered the best SARMS companies on the market…they work!

References / Resources

  1. Chen W, Gao R, Xie X, et al. A metabolomic study of the PPARδ agonist GW501516 for enhancing running endurance in Kunming mice. Sci Rep. 2015;5:9884. Published 2015 May 6. doi:10.1038/srep09884 (source)
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