Form as Fashion, 13th Annual Fashion Show

Charter High School for Architecture and Design’s (*CHAD) 13th Annual Fashion Show is Saturday, April 25 from 5-7 pm in the 3rd floor assembly space. Over 120 custom-designed handmade garments will hit the runway – including illuminated wearable pieces!

Form as Fashion embraces the spirit of *CHAD celebrating the three dimensional aspect of fashion. Students were encouraged to push their designs off the silhouette and to create avant-garde fashions created from fabric and unconventional materials. Since many students have already taken Industrial Design and Architecture courses, they were encouraged to pull from learned building techniques.

Form as Fashion breaks down into four scenes in the fashion show:
– art as form
– nature as form
– architecture as form
– personal interpretation (a hybrid of all of the above)

We’ll celebrate the talents of our students with three separate dance performances by the CHAD Dance Team and a team led by senior Tyleem Gray. The show will be videotaped by senior Shannon Rivers and all garments will be photographed by senior Teya Pinkney (who will be majoring in Fashion Photography next year!)

Fashion and Science meet this year as Ms. Helen Huang-Hobbs instructed Fashion 1 students in LED lighting, resulting in a number of illuminated looks!  We hope to continue the Science partnership with next year’s proposed theme (Technology).

Garments were constructed primarily in Mrs. Durkee’s Fashion 1 and Fashion 2 courses, and hats and masks were created in her Textile Design classes as final projects. The Fashion Club and Silkscreen Club (run by Ms. Capobianco) also contributed original designs. Mrs. Durkee, Mr. Reingold, and Ms. Capobianco also held a series of workshops run with the help of CHAD board member Ben Lindo (Industrial Designer) and Philadelphia University Fashion Design instructor Diona Murray to aid in garment construction.

Our theme, Form as Fashion, came from a call for themes and a vote made by this year’s student Fashion Club leadership team, co-instructed by Heather Durkee and Mike Reingold. The Fashion Club leadership team consists of lead fashion designers, lead model directors, lead hair and makeup stylists, disc jockeys, master of ceremonies, and scene sequence coordinators.

This is a truly collaborative event and could not take place without faculty, administrative and security support.  Special thanks to Landmark for allowing us to use their portion of the floor as well, giving us room for 350 viewers!