MOTS-C Review: 10 BIG Benefits Of This Peptide

Peptides are commonly used in the healthcare industry—these chains of amino acids are linked with peptide bonds that your body automatically produces.

However, science has improved greatly and has developed different peptide solutions such as the MOTS-C.

Let’s learn more about the MOTS-C and how you can use it.

What is MOTS-C?

mots-c peptide results reviews and benefits

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MOTS-C is a peptide chain of 16 amino acids that are expressed by one of the mitochondrial chains.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and produces energy for the cell to function.

The main function of the MOTS-C is to regulate the metabolic functions in your body.1

These functions include different functions, such as turning glucose into energy. Metabolic homeostasis occurs a bit in between and within the cells.2

This 16-aa peptide is encoded with 125 rRNA locus of mtDNA. These properties make it a source of improving sensitivity to insulin.

MOTS-C can be referred to as the Mitochondrial Derived Peptide, and that plays a very important role in the management of your metabolism.3

It is typically used for different purposes, such as diabetes, obesity, and other concerns.

This peptide was first discovered when the researchers Pinchas Cohen and his other colleagues studied the role of mitochondria and figured out that it plays a very important role in energy production and signaling it between and within cells.4

The first trials of the MOTS-C were done on obese mice, and the results reflected that the peptide was very helpful in boosting glucose metabolism despite their fat diet.5

There was significant evidence in these studies that show how the peptide has helped control blood sugar levels in rates that has type 2-diabetes and obesity.6

Research also suggests that this peptide targets the skeletal muscle. In these muscles, it enhances insulin sensitivity and boosts the uptake of glucose in the muscle cells.7

This happens by activating the AMPK pathway, and the shocking aspect is that it does not increase insulin.8

In the later years, MOTS-C was marketed as an ‘exercise in a bottle’ peptide.

The main reason for that marketing decision was that this peptide gives your body the effects of exercising even if it is not.9

To put it simply, the MOTS-C is useful in bringing forth different effects that exercise has on your body.

10 Benefits of MOTS-C

  1. Increases metabolism of fatty acids in the liver
  2. Boosts metabolic flexibility and homeostasis
  3. Regulates mitochondrial energy
  4. Protects against age, diet, and obesity dependent insulin resistance
  5. Aids with weight loss
  6. Increases resistance to metabolic stress
  7. Heightens exercise capacity
  8. Prevents osteoporosis
  9. Regulates Glucose
  10. Promotes cell differentiation from and towards osteoblasts

How Does MOTS-C Work?

The MOTS-C works by activating AMP-activated protein kinase, and that shows its effects on energy metabolism.10

It basically targets the skeletal muscle and then affects the folate cycle to inhibit the directly tethered de novo purine biosynthesis pathway.

Through this process, the MOTS-C accumulates the de novo purine synthesis intermediate AICAR.

This can help mediate the metabolic effects of MOTS-C.

Furthermore, a series of metabolic reactions can help increase lipolysis, which reduces lipogenesis and helps with the reception of glucose.

This mechanism allows the MOTS-C to increase the capacity of exercise, and it also boosts metabolism.

Here are some of its most common uses and how MOTS-C works for them:

Weight Loss

One of its most common uses is weight loss. It is found to be very effective in reducing adiposity.

The researchers show how the treatment helped prevent obesity in rats that were fed a high-fat diet.

Moreover, the treatment has improved glucose and homeostasis and prevented HFD induced by hyperinsulinemia.

This happens because the peptide increases the usage of energy.

Boosts Energy Levels

The treatment helps increase energy levels and gives you high endurance for cardio exercises.

The proof of this is seen in mice that were given the treatment, which resulted in an increase in their capacity by two-folds.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

The treatment tackles three different types of insulin resistance.

These include aging-associated insulin resistance along with a high-fat diet and obesity-associated insulin resistance.

With high insulin resistance, you will be able to live a better and healthier life.

Promotes Mitochondrial Health

As MOTS-C is driven by the DNA of mitochondria, it can be very helpful in improving mitochondrial health.

It protects the mitochondria against the free radicals that can create metabolic stresses and other metabolic imbalances.

Increases Life Span

Over the years, your body’s natural MOTS-C levels drop significantly, and that means that the MOTS-C will no longer protect you against age-related diseases such as bone loss, metabolic dysfunction, and insulin resistance.

Anti-Aging Properties

The treatment can be used for different aging problems such as cognitive decline, inflammation, and osteoporosis.

Its anti-aging properties make this peptide a highly sought-after treatment.

Noted fitness enthusiast and Youtuber ‘Dr. Eric’ had this to say about MOTS-C and it’s benefits:

Side Effects of MOTS-C

On the whole, MOTS-C is considered to be very safe, and there is no evidence of possible side effects.

It is often used in many accelerated health fitness programs with different lifestyle and diet changes.

When used in this aspect, there is no evidence of side effects.

However, it is important to understand that the treatment is not clinically tested on humans as of yet, and therefore, there can be side effects that we don’t know of.

Regardless, some evident side effects have been reported by some biohackers.

These side effects include a painful administration process, where patients can experience severe pain at the site of injection.

To combat this, administrators can use intramuscular injections instead to reduce the feeling of pain.

Moreover, there are speculations about the MOTS-C treatment increasing the cell growth, but there is no tangible proof to assure that the speculations are true.

Does MOTS-C Really Work?

With its big claims, it is possible for the users to be skeptical about its usage.

You may wonder if the MOTS-C actually works and, if it does, what the effects are.

Many users have used the treatment and come up with different experiences.

Over the course of their treatment, they have experienced different changes in their bodies, such as an instant boost in energy with the first dose.

However, this effect is reduced with each dose.

When talking about the more objective observations, the users have experienced that there were no significant changes in their body weight.

However, they could calculate a significant change in the fat percentage of their body.

The capacity for working out and personal records also changed significantly.

These changes are reported by many users, so according to popular opinion, you can tell that the MOTS-C really works.

Moreover, there have been users who claim that the treatment also helped them improve their sleep quality, and they had no difficulties falling asleep.

They also detected that they did not have a lot of sugar cravings while on the treatment.

How to Use MOTS-C

To use the MOTS-C, you need to make sure that you take the appropriate dosage to get the best results possible and remain safe while consuming it.

Typically you can start with a 1ml SQ injection three times a week.

You can take the treatment with one day gap and continue the same dosage for 4 weeks.

After that, you don’t have to continue with the same dosage.

You can reduce it to once a week but make sure that you take the same quantity of the peptide.

However, it is best to first consult with a practitioner as to what dosage will be the best fit for your body and your requirements.

With the passage of time, you can easily alter your dosage.

For instance, if you are in your third week, you can reduce your MOTS-C dosage to 5mg every 5 days of the week.

The dosage basically depends on the reactions of your body to the peptide.

Where Can You Buy MOTS-C?

Since this is a very popular peptide, you can find many suppliers who can get you this supplement, but it is very important for you to get the right kind of treatment that is of the highest quality.

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With the treatment, you will also get the certificate of analysis that assures the high quality of the dose.

Before you buy the product, it is important for you to agree to the terms and conditions before you buy so that you have no reservations when you make the purchase.

The MOTS-C is priced at $99 per bottle, making it one of the more expensive peptides sources on the market.

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The best part about Core Peptides is that they offer multiple payment options that ensure you the ease of payment.

You can either use their cryptocurrency or Paypal methods to make your payment.

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The MOTS-C is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for people all over.

Its benefits, such as insulin resistance and increased metabolic rates, make it a great option for people struggling with type2-diabetes and obesity.

It is best for you to choose the best suppliers to get the MOTS-C and use it in the right dosage for the best results possible.

Much like other users, you may also get the benefits and effects that continue to grab the attention of other potential users.


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MOTS-C Peptide

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Learn more about MOTS-C, including its benefits, how it works for fat loss, side effects, where you can buy it, and more.

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