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Rats Army SARMs Review (2022): Legit SARMS Or Bunk?

Important Note: As of April 2022, Rats Army has officially closed their business.

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SARMs, which stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are supplements that mimic the muscle-building properties of anabolic steroids without all the nasty side effects.

According to numerous studies, SARMs are therapeutic compounds with many benefits and are safer than steroids. That’s why SARMs have become so popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, particularly bodybuilders.

The FDA has not yet approved the use of SARMs, which is why SARMs products are labeled “research chemicals.” Anecdotal data shows that side effects from SARMs are minimal and that the use of SARMs products is far safer than steroids.

As a result, reputable suppliers diligently test their products for both potency and purity, typically relying on third-party laboratories to guarantee product integrity.

Rats Army is one such supplier. The company leads the SARMs industry in setting new standards for product purity through third-party testing and strict quality control.

This article will review Rats Army and the SARMs products that they offer.

What is Rats Army?

rats army legit sarms sourceLocated in Kalispell, MT, Rats Army is a relatively new SARMs supplier. Having just popped up a few years ago, they have quickly gained a reputation as a leader in selling quality SARMs and other products.

Rats Army is a company that manufactures research chemicals, including its flagship product, flavored liquid SARMs.

In addition to SARMs, Rats Army sells Nootropics, Prohormones, Peptides, Lipotropics, and more.

Rats Army Product Line

Rats Army tests, manufactures, and sells several different SARMs used for an array of specialized fitness goals and results.

This next section will detail the various SARMs supplements offered by Rats Army and their expected results.

ACP 105


ACP 105 is a SARM designed initially to treat diseases that cause muscle and bone-wasting.

Rats Army’s third-party tested ACP 105 is used by athletes to increase muscle tissue, strength, and vascularity while improving recovery.

Andarine (S-4)

s4 sarm

Rats Army’s Andarine (S-4) is a third-party tested  SARM that not only increases muscle tissue, vascularity, and overall power but it has many fat reduction and joint healing properties.

It stacks well with RAD140, GW-501516, MK-677, 1-Andro, and MK-286. For maximum muscle growth, users typically stack Andarine with RAD 140 or MK-677.

Cardarine (GW-501516)

cardarine is a great sarm for muscle growth

The Cardarine (GW-501516) Solution from Rats Army is a third-party tested SARM that has been shown to increase endurance, energy, recovery, and metabolic rate.

Cardarine is also known for its fatty acid oxidation properties. It is best used in eight- to 16-week cycles.


gw0742 rats army sarm

Although it is sold alongside SARMs products, GW0742 is not a SARM. It is a PPAR Delta receptor agonist that binds to the body’s PPAR Delta receptors signaling the body to burn fat, increase metabolism, and improve endurance.

The Rat’s Army third-party tested GW0742 solution increases endurance, energy, recovery, and metabolic rate. It also has fatty acid oxidation properties and is recommended for eight- to 16-week cycles.

LGD 3303


LGD 3303 is one of the most potent anabolic SARMs on the market. It is used to increase strength and muscle tissue and improve bone health.

The third-party tested Rats Army LGD 3303 solution stacks well with Cardarine, YK-11, MK-2866, and RAD140, but should be used for no more than ten weeks in an active cycle.

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

lgd 4033 rats army sarm review

The Rats Army LGD-4033 third-party tested and clinically studied solution has been proven to increase muscle tissue and strength and improve bone health.

Ligandrol stacks well with YK-11, MK-677, and GW-501516 and should be used for no longer than ten weeks in a row.

MK 677 (Ibutamoren)

mk 677

Ibutamoren is a safe and well-tolerated compound that has been shown to increase the body’s human growth hormone (GH). In addition to increasing GH levels, Ibutamoren increases IGF-1 Levels and muscle tissues while reducing recovery time.

Rats Army’s third-party tested MK 677 (Ibutamoren) is best used in 12-24 week cycles, stacked with S-23, YK-11, RAD140, GW-501516, LGD-4033, and 4-Andro.

Ostarine (MK 2866)

mk 2866

The Rats Army Ostarine (MK 2866) solution is ideal for muscle growth and experimentation and is best used in eight- to 16-week cycles. MK 2866 can retain muscle tissue, heal joints, increase strength, and reduce fat.

This clinically studied SARM has shown significant promise when specifically stacked with Ligandrol, or LGD-4033.

This third-party tested compound stacks well with GW-501516, S-4, RAD140, 1-Andro, and MK-677.

RAD 140 (Testolone)

rad-140 rats army sarm

The third-party tested Testolone solution sold by Rats Army is of the utmost quality, and numerous studies have shown that it is an effective muscle-building compound. RAD 140 increases muscle tissue and power, offering one of the most potent androgen binds among SARMs.

It is best used in six- to eight-week cycles stacked with GW-501516, MK-677, MK-2866, and YK-11.


s23 sarm

S23 increases muscle mass and stacks well with peptides. The Rats Army S23 solution increases strength and muscle tissue while oxidating fat and enhancing recovery, with no water retention.

Third-party tested S23 is the most potent muscle-building androgen receptor modulator available.

SR-9009 (Stenabolic)

sr 9009

The Rats Army SR-9009 (Stenabolic) solution improves fat oxidation and insulin sensitivity and enhances energy utilization for rapid fat loss and the maintenance of lean muscle mass.

This third-party tested SR9009 is a REV-ERB agonist is one of the most potent metabolics on the market today, and it stacks well with S-4, S-23, MK-2866, and GW-501516.


sr 9011 rats army sarm

SR9011 is a REV-ERB agonist that improves fat loss, enhances insulin sensitivity, and increases energy levels.

Most people buy the Rats Army’s third-party tested SR-9011 solution because of its fat loss benefits. It stacks incredibly well with Andarine (S-4), Ostarine (MK-2866), S-23, and Cardarine (GW-501516).

YK11 (Myostine)

yk 11

YK11 (Myostine) increases muscle tissue and power. It also has neuroprotective, cell age reducing, and myostatin inhibition properties.

The Rats Army YK11 solution is third-party tested and stacks well with RAD140, MK-677, LGD-4033, and S-23.

SARMs Stack Products

Rats Army also seels a range of pre-stacked SARMs.

The products include:

  • The BPC157, TB500, MK677 Research Stack
  • The Cardarine, CJC1295, Yohimbine Research Stack
  • The Citicoline, Oxiracetam, Noopept Research Stack
  • The Laxogenin, MK677 Research Stack
  • The LGD4033, MK677, Tamoxifen Research Stack
  • Carve, a GW-501516, RAD140, MK-2866 Stack
  • Mend, a YK-11, MK-677, GW-501516, MK-2866 Stack
  • The  MK2866, MK677, Tamoxifen Research Stack
  • The Phenibut, Lion’s Mane, 5-HTP Research Stack
  • The RAD140, MK677, YK11 Research Stack
  • The S-4, GW0742 and Yohimbine Research Stack
  • Slyced, a GW-501516, SR9009, MK-2866 Stack
  • The Tadalafil and PT141 Research Stack

Other Rats Army Products

Rats Army has an array of other products including Nootropics, Prohormones, and Peptides. Some of those other products include:

  • 1-Andro Solution/Cream
  • 11-Keto Topical Cream
  • 4-Andro Solution/Cream
  • 7-Keto Topical Cream
  • Ipamorelin
  • Melanotan II
  • TB-500
  • PT-141
  • DSIP
  • AOD-9604
  • BPC 157
  • CJC-1295

Rats Army Reviews

One of the best places to find real Rats Army reviews is none other then the Sarms Source Talk over on Reddit.

These are real people writing about their very real experiences with a wide variety of SARMS suppliers, and it doesn’t get any more legit then that.

We scoured through countless posts to get a feel for what Rats Army customers are saying, and the overall consensus is that they are the real deal.

One of the biggest (and most important) things we consistently saw was their customer service is top notch.

If you’ve been involved in the SARMS game for any length of time, you know that there are a lot of shady sources out there.

Stories of customers placing orders for product and never receiving them, people getting overcharged, guys getting bunk SARMS are just a few of the complaints you’ll routinely see with many SARMS sources.

This is simply not the case with Rats Army…

Here’s just a few of them:

“Always got legit stuff from them but others had different experiences.”
– KLAATU1463 in r/sarmssourcetalk

“Rats army totally came through and made things right! Great company I couldn’t be happier! Their customer service has been bar none, any issues get handled in a timely manner.”
– just702vibin in r/sarmssourcetalk

“Legit. Used a variety of their products. I look forward to taking them (for the gains and also for the taste).”
– wheystedbro in r/sarmssourcetalk

“These guys are legit and they have the best tasting SARMs I’ve ever had, the sour gummy worm is my favorite cough(bring it back) the shipping is insanely fast and have never had an issue with their products.”
– phade99 in r/sarmssourcetalk

“Good results from their ostarine but it was my first cycle so I have nothing to compare it to. Pretty expensive as well unless they are running a promo.”
– 1337lou in r/sarmssourcetalk

“Its not too bad. Definitely get a noticeable pump using it, more so shortly after taking it. Starting to notice some slight suppression because I’ll find it hard to get motivated to work out at times. Haven’t really felt the strength gains like with Science .bio LGD, then again been stuck doing home workouts because the gyms are still closed in my areas. Noticed some slight gains in shoulders and biceps, definitely some of a water retention/puffy looking too. Also have some of Rats Army’s RAD and Science bio YK11 so I’m hoping my gyms open back up soon and gonna try toning up after finishing this cycle.”
– UltraDankFarts in r/sarmssourcetalk

“I ordered from them recently and the processing time took a while, but I didn’t even notice because I’ve been busy with work. Nevertheless, they preemptively emailed an apology and an explanation for the delay, along with a 30% discount off my next order without me even complaining.”
– theangrycuban in r/sarmssourcetalk

Similarly to Reddit, there are a bunch of very positive Rats Army reviews on their Facebook page.

The sentiment seems to be the same throughout…they sell LEGIT and effective SARMS, at reasonable prices.

Here’s just a few of them:

rats army review on facebook

ratsarmy user results

another review of ratsarmy on facebook

Where Can I Buy Rats Army Products?

Rats Army Products can be purchased through the company website, which has since closed.

Rats Army products are on the cutting edge of SARMs research, made and tested by third-party labs in the United States.

All of the research behind Rats Army solutions show 99.9% purity for all research chemicals.

The company offers free US shipping on orders over $99 and provides a 100% money-back guarantee on all products.

Rats Army Products are available to customers worldwide, but the company currently does not ship products to Australia, Italy, Canada, Morocco, Chile, and Spain due to certain shipping restrictions.


Since Rats Army has officially closed, we highly recommend you check out a SARMS provider called Sports Technology Labs.

You can learn more about them in this article.

Rats Army sells various products, including Nootropics, Prohormones, Peptides, Lipotropics, and more.

However, the company is best known for being a leader in SARMs by setting the best standards in the industry for product purity through strict quality control and third-party testing from labs in the US. Its flavored SARMs are among its most popular products.

Anecdotal research shows that Rats Army SARMs are the real deal, and most online reviewers agree. Although the company seems to have hit a bump in the road a couple of years ago, Rats Army appears to be back and better than ever.

In our personal opinion, they are the leading SARMS provider on the market, and one that we highly recommend.

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Paul Musumba
Rats Army SARMS Review

Rats Army SARMS Review

4.7 out of 5 (83 Ratings)

Rats Army is a new source for SARMS on the market, but are they really legit? Learn more about RatsArmy in our comprehensive review of their product line, reputation, user testimonials, and more.

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