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SizeVitrexx Review (2022): Legit Pills Or Bunk?

As men age, they can experience loss of sex drive and natural reduction of testosterone hormone.

Not surprisingly, when this happens, they begin to question their manhood.

This questioning leads them to search for supplements to stimulate testosterone production and all the natural benefits that come with it.

Some men who experience low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, diminished libido, or a combination of the three are embarrassed by the natural progression of aging.

To that end, they refuse to seek treatment from medical professionals and search for something over-the-counter instead.

Often, they clandestinely shop for these supplements and are willing to try anything they find that MIGHT help.

This clandestine searching is where they fall into the trap of purchasing anything that promises results.

The desperate desire to regain a semblance of the man of their youth makes them overlook things like ingredients and side effects.

Promised results are all that matter.

A variety of male enhancement products are available for purchase. Some claim enhancement in size or strength.

Others claim better sexual performance. Some claim to do both.

This is where the supplementary product called SideVitrexx enters the picture.

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What Is SizeVitrexx?

sizevitrexx review

SizeVitrexx is a male enhancement supplement. It is touted (by the company) as a “revolutionary new approach to male size, vitality, and hardness.”

Those are some pretty big claims (pun intended) from a male supplement manufacturer.

The Claims

The supplement claims to add “massive size” and “power to your ‘manhood.'”

Those are exactly the phrases that draw men to this kind of supplementary pill.

They are drawn in by the claims of larger, harder, or more potent erectile function, which is precisely what SizeVitrexx claims.

Size Vitrexx proclaims larger or harder penile regions and claims a more vigorous sex drive and faster recovery times after sex.

According to their website, SizeVitrexx provides these benefits by increasing male hormone and free testosterone production while inhibiting the production of SHBG.

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What Is SHBG?

Sex hormone-binding globulin, also known as SHGB, is a protein that a person’s liver makes to help control how much of the sex hormones are delivered to the rest of the body.1

The SHBG binds to testosterone, DHT (dihydrotestosterone), and estradiol (this is a female hormone).2

So, both men and women produce SHBG, but SHBG levels are used to test for how much testosterone the body is using.

When men are experiencing low sex drive, difficulty getting an erection, or other fertility problems, it signals issues with testosterone levels.

Medical professionals use an SHBG test to test how much testosterone reaches the body’s tissues.

How Does It Work?

SideVitrexx claims that only two pills a day will result in bigger erections.

The manufacturer claims that those two pills contain the world’s most potent formula for male enhancement.

They claim to be a “revolutionary super penis pill” that is safe, natural, and effective in causing increased size, power, and hardness.

The process that SideVitrexx claims works so well is a three-phase system with each phase being able to stand alone, but the combination of the three phases is an unmatched solution to male penile issues.

The blend of compounds is released into your system at the right time in the correct ratio regardless of your physical stature.

Phase One is a compound that is reported to increase testosterone rapidly.

The result of this rapid shot of testosterone is faster, stronger erections that happen more often.

They compare the erections to the hardness of a lead pipe.

Phase Two sends nitric oxide into the male organs to increase size as well as pleasure.

A blend of two ingredients powers this phase of the process.

The creators of the supplement say this phase yields a 94% size increase.

Phase Three decreases SHBG and neutralizes it. According to the manufacturers of SizeVitrexx, SHBG kills erections by building up in the body.

They have identified SHBG as the cause of stunted growth, lacking power, and limited hardness.

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What Are The Ingredients?

The three main ingredients in SizeVitrexx are patented, proprietary combinations that MIT researchers have used to create this male enhancement product.

Each phase of their system uses one of these proprietary ingredients to complete one portion of the process they claim will reinvigorate the sex life of anyone who takes the pills.


This is an ingredient that has been patented by MIT. The extraction of LJ100 from a root native to Malaysia automatically makes this a collaborative effort with the Malaysian government.

It’s the key to Phase One of the SizeVitrexx system. LJ100 is purported to facilitate free testosterone production.3


A blend of L-Arginine and French Maritime Pine Bark Extract is used to create the proprietary VasoBlast ingredient.

These ingredients are what cause the nitric oxide explosion in Phase Two of the system.4

Butea Superba

Butea Superba is the only known SHBG inhibitor and PDE-5 inhibitor in one product.

The job of Butea Superba is to slow down SHBG in the system during Phase Three of the process.

Slowing down the production of SHBG is thought to promote growth and better erectile function.5

Where Was SizeVitrexx Created?

According to them, SizeVitrexx is the brainchild of a couple of MIT scientists.

They discovered the beneficial properties of LJ100 and decided to get it patented.

The scientists teamed with the Malaysian government to get US and worldwide patents.

Why Malaysia? Because the ingredient LJ100 is extracted from Eurycoma Longifolia.6

The Malaysian government considers that a national treasure and they wouldn’t allow for exportation without a portion of the patent.

After teaming with the Malaysian government, the group teamed with a scientist originally from Thailand who has performed clinical trials on the VasoBlast component of the supplement.

In 2018, they brought the product to the European Union, and they say they are experiencing rave reviews in France.

What Are The Red Flags?

There is no testing required before purchasing Size Vitrexx; it’s available online or on a shelf without a prescription.

Beginning treatment without testing seems a little on the risky side. Symptoms could indicate an issue that this product doesn’t treat.

Medical testosterone treatments require bloodwork at a minimum before treatment begins.

The manufacturers claim that the exact dosage of medication needed is delivered at precisely the right moment for optimum benefits.

There are no calculations for weight or height. Everyone takes the same dosage—two pills daily.

These can be taken together at breakfast, or they can be separated into two doses—one at breakfast and one at bedtime.

The manufacturers claim incredible results in a short time. Results for any medical protocol take time.

Pills can’t be expected to work almost instantaneously

The packaging and ingredients are the same as a product that has been removed from the market called Rexazyte.

It’s thought that SizeVitrexx is a rebranding of Rexazyte.

Rexazyte was becoming known as an ineffective supplement.

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The Price and Where to Find It

You can purchase the supplement on the company’s website, eBay, or

It’s also available on other websites that serve countries other than the US. Prices we found start at $35 for a one-month supply and travel upward from that price point.

The manufacturer’s website appears to be running a sale on the product.

However, the prices are very similar to the prices we found on other sites.

The prices on the manufacturer’s site are $39.95 for a one-month supply, $79.95 for a three-month supply, and $119.95 for a five-month supply.

So, the “Save $400” claim could just be a clever marketing ploy to boost sales.

The manufacturers offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for their products.

They claim that anyone who tries it will be so happy with the product they won’t take advantage of the guarantee.

They also claim to stand behind their product with a strength that is as strong as the Great Wall of China. (Maybe, just a tad of exaggeration there.)

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The majority of customer feedback seems to be on the negative side.

Most of the similar products available on the market have far more ingredients in their products than SizeVitrexx.

The minimal number of components in the products seem to be linked to less than noticeable results.

This reviewer on Amazon gave the product 2 stars.

Have to take this product for an excessive long time to get max results. Too much for the cost.
– Charles

Another reviewer left just 1 star, here’s what he had to say:

This made me put one star, but was very unhappy with this purchase. I took this on two occasions, I ended up with cold sweats and felt funny. The pill was not like the bottle shows, it was blue and made me feel very uneasy. The pill also had a chemical smell.
– Johnathan

Several of the reviews we saw on eBay gave the product three stars or less.

So, the majority of the reviews we saw were mid-range or worse.

We did see some positive reviews, but it seemed that most customers who took the time to review the product weren’t happy with their results.

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Consumer Warnings

SizeVitrexx is a relatively new male enhancement product. Generally, it’s considered to be a safe herbal product.

Size Vitrexx is not considered a popular male enhancement product.

This could be because the product is less recognized than other products.

One of the leading marketing outlets for the product is a “review” site that features Ron Jeremy.

However, Ron Jeremy is known to endorse the newest enhancement products that are available at the moment.

It’s reported by some that he has touted the benefits of almost every male enhancement supplement available on the market (and some that are no longer available).

Is It Worth Taking SizeVitrexx?

The website for this product seems to make a lot of claims that seem exaggerated.

As a general rule, if a claim seems too good to be true, it generally is.

The number of ingredients in SizeVitrexx seems too weak even to begin to meet the creators’ claims.

Also, the product’s safety isn’t well documented due to its newness.

The majority of the reviews we found were middle-of-the-road or negative.

We did find a few positive reviews, but the negative was more prevalent.

Of course, the only reviews we noticed on the company website were positive.

The company would obviously want to put its best foot forward.

The similarities between the now off-market Rexazyte and SizeVitrexx are too coincidental to overlook.

Is it possible that SizeVitrexx is a rebranded version of a supplement that didn’t do well on the shelves?


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Learn more about SizeVitrexx in our review, including details on the ingredients, side effects, before and after results, where to buy, and more.

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