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Burn Evolved: Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, & More

When it comes to feeling your best, it can be hard to find confidence when your weight doesn’t fit into what society deems as beautiful.

Maybe you want to lose weight so you have more energy and live a long life with your kids or grandkids.

Whatever your motivation is for losing weight, the fact that dropping weight can be a serious challenge is no secret.

Every magazine and website you check out has ads all over the place for diets, dietary aids, and the like.

With such a saturated market, it can be hard to weed out the supplements that are legitimate from the ones that are just scams.

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If you have heard of Burn Evolved, you may have been wondering if this is one that is worthy of your time and hard-earned money or not.

Well, the answer varies from person to person.

Looking to drop serious pounds?

It would be a good addition to your current dietary aid routine, but may not pack enough punch on its own.

If you’re wanting to slim down a bit before a vacation, this may work for you.

No matter what your reasoning, it makes sense that you would want to try out a weight loss supplement.

Let’s take a closer look and see if Burn Evolved is the right choice for your weight loss needs.

What is Burn Evolved?

burn evolved reviewsThe upgraded version of Sculpt Nation’s Burn, Burn Evolve is the next generation of fat-burning supplements.

There aren’t many things that vary from the original version, but one thing that takes Burn Evolved to the next level is the introduction of the apple cider vinegar powder.

Presented in capsule form, this supplement is meant to subdue your appetite while increasing your energy, making it easier to burn fat in the gym.

As we age, it gets harder and harder to get our bodies into a healthier condition, but Burn Evolved really takes things to the next level.

How Does Burn Evolved Work?

Supplements such as green tea, caffeine, cayenne pepper extracts are added to weight loss supplements as they are designed to make your body burn excess fat.

These fat burners can be combined in many different variants to help you shed unwanted fats in a natural way.

When looking for a fat-burning or weight loss supplement, it is important to do your research, as the FDA has no regulations on fat burners or dietary supplements.

Burn Evolved is one of the most popular weight loss aids that you can find online currently.

This is a great option if you want something to add to your current supplement routine, as it has mild thermogenesis and needs to be paired with an appetite suppressant.

There are several benefits to using Sculpt Nation’s fat burner, including:

  • Increase energy
  • Boost fat breakdown
  • Reduce food cravings

What Are Burn Evolved’s Ingredients?


Apple cider vinegar is said to have an incredible impact on insulin absorption as well as helping to reduce appetite.

There are many people that swear by taking a tablespoon or two of liquid apple cider vinegar at the beginning of every day.

This is said to aid in the burning of excess belly fat, but there really is no definitive proof that this is the case at all.

While there is little evidence to suggest liquid apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss, there is no evidence that the powdered version is helpful, either. (Source)


The purpose of using cayenne pepper is to heat the body and induce thermogenesis.

This is an excellent addition to any fat-burning supplement because it helps to suppress the appetite and activate the metabolism, cutting cravings and burning the excess fat. (Source)


Both rauwolscine and yohimbine hydrochloride are stimulants, giving you additional energy that will help you through your workouts.

The downside of both of these ingredients is that neither has been proven safe by the FDA. (Source)


Grains of paradise seed extract are added because it is believed to have stimulant effects as well as aid in the shedding of visceral fat, although none of these claims have been proven. (Source)


One of the most important ingredients in any fat burners that are worth taking, caffeine gives you the energy you need when your body is working to burn so much fat.

This caffeine is even more important when you are experiencing a deficiency in calories, as many people often do when dieting. (Source)

Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

The good news is that for most people, Burn Evolved is completely safe and shouldn’t cause any negative side effects.

There are some exceptions to this, however.

Because the main theme among the ingredients seems to be stimulants, those that are sensitive to caffeine and other uppers should steer clear of Burn Evolved.

Yohimbine should always be taken with caution, even if you are not sensitive to stimulants and are otherwise healthy.

There are a few reported side effects that can happen when taking yohimbine, but the main concerns are seizures and rapid heartbeat.

These severe side effects are pretty rare, but you should keep the risk in mind.

Just as with all supplements, dietary changes, or exercise, before changing your current routine or adding a new supplement, it is always wise to speak with your health care professional or family doctor to ensure that there are no potentially dangerous complications that may arise.

Only your medical professional will be able to accurately evaluate the supplement with regard to your current health and personal medical history, as well as to screen it for potential allergic reactions or interactions with medication that you may have been previously prescribed.

Does Burn Evolved Really Work?

Results vary from person to person. Because of the more mild thermogenesis, those that are looking for more drastic effects will want to pair this with another supplement, if not a couple of different variants.

As with any other dietary supplement, taking a pill simply won’t be enough to see the results you yearn for.

This is not a magic pill that will solve all of your weight loss problems, but a supplement that may act as a force multiplier for the effort you do put in.

If you want to see results, you need to put in the work to diet, exercise, and maybe combine a few fat-burning supplements before you find the right solution for yourself.

How to Use Burn Evolved

On the bright side, Burn Evolved is very easy to use: each day, you simply take two capsules in the morning with a glass of water.

Unfortunately, because you take all of the fat burners at one time, it wears off before your next dose 24 hours later.

There are ways to combat this, such as splitting your 2-pill dose and taking one in the morning and one in the evening.

Alternatively, you can stagger your dose of Burn Evolved with another fat burner later in the day so that your body is always in fat-burning mode.

Where Can You Buy Burn Evolved?

Burn Evolved is exclusively sold on Sculpt Nation’s website and can be shipped anywhere worldwide.

You may come across people attempting to sell Burn Evolved on various websites such as eBay or Amazon, but it is important to note that the only verified and approved website is the official Sculpt Nation site.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Burn Evolved?

This is going to be the most difficult part of this entire evaluation and review since the results are going to be so incredibly dependent on your personal physiology, age, sex, metabolism, medical history, and more.

In addition to this, making a firm recommendation on a dietary supplement product like this can be challenging since there will be such a wide range of results and effectiveness seen.

Just as with many supplements, the duration of time that you take it consistently will have a definite influence on the results that are experienced, as will the diet and exercise that are combined with the supplement regimen.

While some people will no doubt combine Burn Evolved with a restriction on caloric intake and moderate exercise, and after 3 or 4 months of diligent use will see amazing results, others may see similar results by the second month, some may not see sufficient results without more restrictive calorie intake or more intense exercise.

The highly personal nature of weight loss results, diet and nutrition, exercise, and body composition can mean that results seen from one person to the next will not only vary but will be perceived differently by the users as well.

That being said, Burn Evolved seems to be a very promising supplement, and with the proper diet and fitness regimen behind it, it may be just what you need to lose those extra pounds, help maintain a healthy weight, or even burn off a spare tire that you have had for far too long.

If you’re looking for the absolute best fat burner on the market, consider checking out our review of Instant Knockout here.

It’s truly one of the best fat burners I’ve ever personally tested.

Paul Musumba
Burn Evolved Review

Burn Evolved Review

3.8 out of 5 (55 Ratings)

Is Burn Evolved really an effective weight loss supplement. Learn more about the ingredients in Burn Evolved, their potential side effects, user testimonials, and more here.

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