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Slimming Gummies Review: Legit or Scam?

The world of weight-loss dietary supplements is a big one, with thousands of companies pushing ten thousand supplements that are all so similar that just browsing them can be a blur.

This is where It Works’ Slimming Gummies try to break from the tradition of snake-oil dietary supplements that make outrageous claims, by offering an all-natural herbal supplement designed to help encourage weight loss that actually does what all the promotional materials say it will do and helps you lose weight without dangerous crash dieting or potentially deadly pharmaceutical drugs.

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But Slimming Gummies come to you from a multi-level marketing company that sells plastic wrap with lotion on it to people that think it will help them look less fat, so what you are more likely to get is an herbal supplement with relatively safe but ineffective ingredients that have wondrous supposed health benefits but little or no scientific evidence to back them up.

We’re going to take a close look at Slimming Gummies and not just what they say they can do, but what’s in them as well as how our test run with the supplement went, so you will have a buffet of information aimed at helping you decide if Slimming Gummies are the right supplement for you.

do slimming gummies really workWhat is Slimming Gummies?

Slimming Gummies are touted as a “low-effort, high-reward” method of preventing the formation of undesirable love handles and unattractive widening waistlines by helping the user reduce the size of their hips and waist.

The manufacturer claims that taking only a few gummies every day can begin the process of eliminating stubborn and hard-to-lose fat deposits all around your midsection and abdomen, helping to produce measurable improvements in pinchable fat rolls.

Specifically, Slimming Gummies is formulated to help you mitigate excess weight gain from the calories that are being taken in at that time, while simultaneously working to break down the fat already present in the body in problem areas like the stomach, hips, and waist specifically.

How Does Slimming Gummies Work?

Slimming Gummies are claimed to work by combining the alleged benefits of apple cider vinegar and the extract from a specific type of blood orange, offering a “clinically proven” way to shrink waist and hip measurements by significant amounts.

Slimming Gummies help to lower the user’s body mass index or BMI by attacking the calories from fat that are taken in, which would otherwise be converted to stored fat tissue in the stomach, waist, and hips.

The benefits are also claimed to include a way to actively shrink the size of “bloated fat cells” so that you can enjoy a potentially thinner and slimmer visual appearance.

The unique formula is touted as vegan-friendly as well as being caffeine and stimulant-free, while still being fruity and delicious-tasting.

An additional selling point that the manufacturer leverages is the “non-GMO”, and natural formulation that does not include any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, is soy-free, and keto-friendly.

Despite the claims of being “clinically proven”, Slimming Gummies from It Works is still not endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration, and as such, they are not intended to actually treat anything.

What Are Slimming Gummies’s Ingredients?

MOROSIL Blood Orange extract

Taken from Sicilian blood oranges, this ingredient is included to help prevent the accumulation of fat stores in the waist and hip area, as well as helping to reduce each.

There has been a study that showed some ability to reduce fat storage in mice, but the same effect has not been demonstrated in humans. (Source)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is included to boost the naturally occurring elements in the body that reduce bloating and improve gut health, and some research indicates that it may also be able to improve weight management and fat loss efforts.

The main benefit of apple cider vinegar in weight loss is helping to curb the appetite of the user, which helps reduce unhealthy calorie consumption and subsequent build-up of fat. (Source)

Chicory root inulin

Chicory root inulin is a prebiotic fiber that cannot be digested by your body, though it does feed gut bacteria and boost mineral absorption.

It is also indicated as being potentially effective in helping users to reduce their overall intake of calories, helping to encourage weight loss through healthy nutritional means.

The research indicates that chicory root fiber can help increase the weight lost by those dieting by a larger margin than those taking a placebo and that it also has a compound in it that decreases the levels o the hormone ghrelin, which causes hunger. (Source)

Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

The ingredients used in Slimming Gummies are widely regarded as mostly safe to consume, in supplemental doses, and within the recommendations of the manufacturer.

However, just as you would before beginning any other intense physical undertaking, speak to your personal doctor or preferred medical professional before starting to consume Slimming Gummies on a regular basis to ensure there are no potentially dangerous medical complications that may arise.

Not only will your doctor be able to confirm that Slimming Gummies will not interfere with any allergies you may have or medication that you have been prescribed, but they will be able to make a professional determination of the safety of the supplement in the context of your personal medical condition and history.

No one under the age of 18 should begin taking Slimming Gummies, and they also should not be taken by anyone pregnant or nursing unless approved by their doctor.

Does Slimming Gummies Really Work?

On their own, Slimming Gummies have little to no effect on weight loss or fat reduction, in our experience.

The creator recommends that Slimming Gummies be taken in double doses while on a limited calorie diet, exercising moderately, for 90 days in order to see optimal results.

The biggest problem we saw with the entire premise of Slimming Gummies is that you shouldn’t expect to see any results unless you follow their guidelines, but if you are limiting your caloric intake as well as exercising moderately, you’re going to see a fat reduction and body composition improvement no matter what.

This all boils down to the inescapable truth that Slimming Gummies are useless, worthless, and a waste of money.

Not only do they not “work” unless you follow the additional guidelines, but those guidelines are the exact thing needed for healthy and sustainable weight loss, leaving us wondering what it is that Slimming Gummies do, other than eating our money while we eat them.

How to Use Slimming Gummies

The manufacturer’s website advises that the standard dose is to take two gummies at the same time, each day, either with or without food.

They state that the “clinically proven” results come from taking double that amount each day, meaning to achieve what they call proven results, you need to take four gummies per day by taking two gummies twice.

The bottle comes with 60 capsules so by taking two per day, that bottle lasts you one month, but by taking the “optimal” dose you only get about two weeks out of each bottle, and with the manufacturer advising that the supplement should also be taken for at least three months, you can see how they make their money.

Where Can You Buy Slimming Gummies?

Since Slimming Gummies are only produced and sold by It Works and their associated MLM agents, the only official source to obtain Slimming Gummies is directly through the distributor’s website.

There will likely be a large number of Slimming Gummies available through digital marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, but the integrity of Slimming Gummies obtained through third-party may not be the same as those sold by authorized sources, so exercise caution if planning to buy this supplement anywhere else than an It Works distributor.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Slimming Gummies?

There are a lot of products out there that can help you lose weight more effectively, or slightly faster, but there is no magic pill that will help you lose weight without putting in some kind of effort or commitment.

The results that are claimed to be proven in a clinical setting are simply the result of creating a calorie deficit, but their effect on that deficit is negligible.

When it comes down to spending money on a supplement, spend it elsewhere because the weight loss boost that Slimming Gummies give you is virtually invisible.

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