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Razalean Review: Does It Work?

The weight loss landscape is vast and just the number of different supplements can be overwhelming, with an even larger task ahead of trying to sort them out and weigh one against another to try and find one that is right for your needs.

The advertising and marketing information from most of the products out there makes them all sound like the newest wonder drug that is guaranteed to help you reduce your appetite, stoke your fat-burning internal fires, and melt away even the most persistent pounds.

But with so many of the products featuring nearly identical ingredient lists, claims of results, and “customer reviews” or testimonials, they all start to run together and it can feel like an impossible task to get any real or concrete information about how they actually work and what kind of results real people see.

Razalean is another one of these products, and the manufacturers of Razalean make similar claims that the supplement will not only boost the user’s energy and metabolism, and even physically reduce the size of the user’s belly.

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But is Razalean capable of doing everything it says it is?

Have the manufacturers finally found the key to healthy and natural weight loss, without the potentially dangerous side effects of prescription drugs?

We’ve done a deep dive into Razalean to find out everything we can about it, then we put it to the test over the course of 3 months to make sure it had plenty of time to produce results.

If you have spent some time considering taking Razalean to help shave off a few pounds, or even if you just stumbled across the supplement online and were looking for a little more information, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Razalean

What is Razalean?

Razalean is referred to by the manufacturers as “an intelligently designed formulation” that is contained within a single capsule for maximum efficiency and ease of use, which helps the user lose weight when combined with a diet and exercise program.

The ingredients are claimed to have been specifically chosen by a team of research scientists, though there is no additional information available on this supposed research team.

How Does Razalean Work?

The advertising and website for Razalean indicate that Razalean helps your body eliminate unhealthy excess weight and body fat by using ingredients that not only help increase thermogenic activity but also help the user to curb their appetite.

By suppressing the appetite the user should be able to reduce their calorie intake, which can help create the calorie deficit that is crucial to losing weight and improving body composition.

The ingredients help the body reduce the amount of hunger hormone that is released into the bloodstream, this can have an incredible effect on one’s diet and can help reduce the calories consumed significantly since a large portion of calories from overeating come from “boredom snacking” or emotional eating.

It does contain a large amount of caffeine in the form of a three-caffeine blend, so there will not only be a noticeable increase in alertness but a claimed boost in thermogenic activity.

The result is touted as a natural and healthy way to boost your energy without harsh stimulants, and with the increased thermogenic activity, Razalean becomes an additional force multiplier for burning fat by acclimating the body to using stored fats and ketones as energy sources instead of the carbohydrates that are consumed in the diet.

This all combines to enable lipid acid oxidation reactions, which are the reaction that actually creates energy from stored calories and results in the measurable body fat reduction and weight loss.

What Are Razalean’s Ingredients?

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne peppers contain high levels of capsaicin, which is what makes them hot and gives them their medical benefits including helping to boost metabolism through thermogenesis as well as reducing hunger itself. (Source)


Kelp is well-known for its ability to help boost the results of weight loss efforts through increased metabolism, it’s also rich in vitamins and minerals and helps stimulate thyroid function. (Source)

Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many health benefits that are enjoyed from the addition of apple cider vinegar in your supplement, including helping increase weight loss success, cholesterol reduction, and even help to modulate blood sugar levels. (Source)

Rhodiola Rosavins

The roots of this rare plant are adaptogens, meaning when consumed they will aid your body in adapting to stress or overstimulation, and they are used to fight stress and fatigue and to help improve athletic performance. (Source)


Capsicum is commonly used to help mitigate the symptoms of arthritic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, as well as for digestive issues, though any scientific backing or support for these claims has yet to be shown under any scrutiny. (Source)

Caffeine Blend

Consisting of caffeine citrate, caffeine anhydrous, and green coffee bean extract, this blend of caffeine will provide a substantial energy boost and help jumpstart thermogenesis, but should not be taken adjacent to sleep. (Source)


One of the most basic and necessary amino acids, L-arginine is a crucial component in the body’s processes for protein synthesis and lean muscle building and is often found in meat and dairy. (Source)

Raspberry Ketones

The ketones extracted from raspberries are claimed to be a powerful “miracle fat-burner” but there has not been any reputable scientific research to back up these claims in any scholarly way. (Source)

Green Tea Extract

The extract from green tea has been shown to help encourage fat loss by raising the baseline metabolic rate of those who consumed it as a supplement. (Source)

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit related to tamarind which contains a large concentration of HCA, which may be a crucial reason that garcinia cambogia is so helpful in boosting the amount of weight that is lost when taken as a supplement. (Source)

Turmeric Root Extract

Turmeric is a great source of curcumin, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and a powerful tool to help prevent the body from storing fat in common areas like the stomach leading to a potentially slimmer appearance. (Source)

Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

The manufacturers of Razalean claim that the supplement is safe to consume according to their dosage and schedule recommendations, and all of the individual ingredients are generally regarded as safe to ingest in supplement amounts.

Just as you should before making any significant changes to your diet, exercise, or nutritional supplement program, it is recommended to speak with your doctor or health care professional to ensure that not only is there no risk of an allergic reaction, but that there are no potential interactions with prescribed medications either.

Only your doctor or medical care professional will be able to tell you if this supplement is safe to take based on your specific current health condition and personal medical history.

Does Razalean Really Work?

This evaluation wasn’t taken on with the expectation of amazing results overnight, but there was the hope that some sort of measurable results beyond those expected from the diet and exercise alone.

Our test ran for 3 months since we wanted to give the supplement plenty of time to work and many legitimate supplements do not demonstrate optimal results for around two months anyway.

After the second month we were eager to see some significant movement either on the scale or in the mirror, but it just never happened and we were left feeling like we’d just paid a ridiculous amount for some caffeine pills.

How to Use Razalean

There is no one way to take Razalean, and the creators of the supplement recommend that new users start with a single capsule daily with food or a meal.

This may be enough, or you may find that a dosage increase to two capsules is more helpful in your weight loss journey.

The manufacturers advise that two capsules daily is the maximum daily dose for Razalean and that it is not recommended to take more than that.

Where Can You Buy Razalean?

The most obvious place is through the manufacturer’s official website, where Razalean can be purchased as both single bottles for a set price, or in discounted larger quantity orders that help push the cost per bottle down.

As an alternative Razalean can also be found from sellers on Amazon in the supplement category, however, it is not known if these sellers are authorized distributors of Razalean so there may not be any way to be assured of the quality and authenticity of the product bought from third-parties.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Razalean?

There are hundreds and maybe thousands of weight loss supplements out there particularly for those that are looking for the “low-effort” route.

But when you are shopping for potential supplements and Razalean happens to be one of them, go ahead and just cut it out of your runnings completely since it likely won’t do anything for you except relieve you of some extra money.

Instead, consider checking out a supplement called Instant Knockout.

It’s one of the best fat burners on the market, and will help you burn fat / lose weight.

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Check out our Razalean review, and learn more about how makes it, what the ingredients and side effects are, where you can buy it, and more.

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