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Invigramax Ultra Review: Magic Male Enhancement Pill or Dud?

There is an entire galaxy of penis pills out there, and they all seem to promise the world to men that are insecure about their manhood and their subsequent ability to please a partner.

Most male sexual supplement pitches leverage this angle significantly, but until now we hadn’t seen one do it using the vicious technique of a fake blog writer that offers a “real female’s” views about her previous unenhanced lovers.

Diabolical, but it’s probably incredibly effective for obvious reasons.

The supposedly 32-year old former porn star “Emily” goes on at length about how none of her lovers was ever able to satisfy her and would always cum first after only a little foreplay.

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So Emily’s frustration of never being able to find sexual partners capable of getting her off sufficiently, naturally lead her to doing what any young woman would, and she enters the porn world jumping right in with a 2-hour session with Johnny Sins of Brazzers.

She tells about how she was blown away by his performance and how she had to know what his secret was.

Of course, he says he’s taking a supplement that gives him these potent pumping powers, and that any man (wink, wink) can take this supplement and be able to go for up to 2 hours.

Johnny recommends a supplement called Invigramax

She then goes on to tell the reader that she now uses it with all of her sexual partners because of the results and raw sexual performance boost that it gives them, she even has a picture of “her” and her boyfriend enjoying an afternoon delight thanks to Invigramax (that happens to be another link to another supplement for penis growth, they just don’t have much confidence in your member, to be honest).

What is Invigramax?

invigramax reviews

Invigramax is a male sexual supplement that is aimed at not only increases the blood flow to important parts of the male anatomyproviding but also to provide additional nutrients that can help boost energy and testosterone levels.

It is claimed to help men to have bigger, stronger, and longer-lasting erections, so that they can finally feel what it’s like to satisfy a woman, something that could never possibly happen without Invigramax, the ad claims.

How Does Invigramax Work?

The basic mechanism behind how Invigramax works are mostly related to the blood flow and cardiovascular benefits of the supplement’s ingredients, as well as the natural stimulant properties that are touted as being able to restore the energy levels and libido of a much younger man.

These are more or less standard claims from every single male supplement on the market, they “increase virility” and “boost blood flow” or otherwise “light that inner fire again”.

What Are Invigramax’s Ingredients?

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed, also known scientifically as Epimedium Sagittatum, has a long and storied history of helping a wide variety of sexual problems, in both men and women which is uncommon.

Among the issues that Horny Goat Weed is purported to help with, are erectile dysfunction, fatigue, premature ejaculation, lack of stamina, and many more.

One of the ways that it does this is by boosting the flow of blood to the important extremities and improving general sexual health, function, and performance. (Source)

Wild Yam

The wild yam has compounds in it that can provide a significant reduction in stress and anxiety.

This effect alone can sometimes eliminate significant psychological barriers to excellent sexual performance.

There are many practitioners of traditional medicines that state wild yam has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and can be used to great effect to lower inflammation in acute and chronic conditions like arthritis.

Another benefit to wild yam extract is the compounds that help regulate blood sugar balance, which can be crucial for people living with and trying to relieve symptoms of diabetes. (Source)


An ancient healing herb with a history that goes back thousands of years in the east, ginseng is harvested as a root and then made into preparations like powders and extracts.

There is research that also shows that ginseng may be able to help brain cell regeneration, brain function improvement, and even increase the health of the immune system.

The natural energy that ginseng provides is also helpful in fighting erectile dysfunction and poor bedroom performance. (Source)

Muira Puama

Muira Pauma is a powder made from the roots of a special Brazillian tree and acts as an incredible all-natural libido booster.

It has an extensive history of being used as a powerful aphrodisiac in Brazillian folk medicine and is often used to treat general sexual issues that are present in both men and women.

There are even benefits to be had from using it to treat mild depression and the negative effects of chronic or daily stress. (Source)

Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw palmetto extract is an ingredient found in a huge number of male enhancement supplements, and for good reason, it is amazing at its job.

Saw palmetto has been found to significantly raise the testosterone levels overall in men who take it as a supplement, as well as boosts the health of the prostate, and a noticeable reduction or even elimination of inflammation.

Additionally, it is active in the fight against the breakdown of testosterone into its subsequent by-products, this helps the testosterone in your system stay there longer, helping to boost your overall baseline testosterone levels. (Source)

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has been used by many ancient eastern cultures as a general health supplement since it is claimed to have an enormous number of health benefits both sexual and otherwise, including facilitating better erections, relieving anxiety and lessening depression, and cellular rejuvenation.

The benefits of Ginkgo Biloba start with the overall increase of blood flow, particularly to the brain, central nervous system, and the genitals.

This boosted vascular action helps not only strengthen erections, but gives them staying power also, leading to greatly increased sexual satisfaction. (Source)


Arginine helps the body regulate the production and release of many incredibly important hormones, such as testosterone, which is vital to regaining virile male performance, in the bedroom and out.

Arginine can help the brain release more testosterone, even in aging males, which can result in boosted feelings of virility, enhanced physical strength, increased libido, and incredible sexual stamina. (Source)

Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

The creators of Invigramax claim that the ingredients are all safe when taken in a supplement form, in the amounts and frequency recommended.

That being said, those who want to begin taking Invigramax should always check the ingredients for potential allergy interactions and medication contraindication.

Muira Pauma has been known to occasionally interfere with normal sleep patterns, causing insomnia in some, and it has been linked to possible issues with muscular coordination.

While the supplement is created with natural ingredients and has been shown to be safe and effective, it should only be used by men 18 or over, and if there are any allergies, preexisting conditions, or other concerns, a doctor should be consulted before starting to take the supplement.

Does Invigramax Really Work?

After some pretty extensive personal testing, measurement, and both subjective and objective evaluation of performance, we were unable to confirm any difference in either performance, stamina, or size, when compared to some other similar supplements.

Even though the ingredients in it are designed to boost sexual performance and abilities, maybe they aren’t combined in the right amounts, or maybe they are low-quality extracts, there really isn’t any way for us to tell why Invigramax didn’t work, we just know that it didn’t.

After following the directions for more than a month we eventually came to the conclusion that we were not seeing any increases in measurement or noticeable boost in bedroom performance.

Hopes might have been a little high before trying Invigramax, but they weren’t unrealistic, and at least some results should be expected.

How to Use Invigramax

The dosage and frequency for taking Invigramax is probably one of the more simple and truthful things about it.

Just two pills per day, preferably early in the day and with water and food.

Where Can You Buy Invigramax?

We were actually a little surprised at the limited availability of Invigramax.

Initially expected to be found resold through every available online retailer and marketplace, as well as hawked through brick and mortar nutritional stores, it was surprising to see that Invigramax is only available through the manufacturer and the official sales channel.

While this, unfortunately, didn’t correlate with the performance and results of the supplement, it definitely lent it an air of exclusivity that has fooled plenty of people, and will likely continue to do so.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Invigramax?

Honestly, there are so many better supplements you could be trying out instead of wasting your money on than Invigramax.

While it may seem to have a lot of great reviews, even most of them sound the same as well as don’t lend much credibility to Invigramax.

If you’re browsing supplements to get your bedroom spark back, steer clear of Invigramax.

Better yet, check out my top choice here if you’re looking for something that actually works.

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As indicated above, it does not work, no results, and I hereby cancel any InvigraMax Ultra product as of this date.

This product did not work for me, and the company will not refund my purchase, and turned right around and billed me 91.95 . This product is a scam, what about satisfaction garentee, not on your life.

Why did I get some pills in the mail ? I tried this product inviagramax but did not know I would get more without my consent ? I didn’t know there was some fine print ? How do I send these back!,,, and why doesn’t your customer number work???these things are very frustrating !I should now better ! Please refund if you billed me now !

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