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Noxitril Review: Are These Legit Pills Or A Waste Of Money?

There are countless male supplements on the market, and telling them apart can be difficult, nearly as difficult as finding one that actually works.

Luckily, Noxitril is here to help blur that line a bit more for you.

We won’t spoil the surprise, but we certainly did not expect the results we got from Noxitril.

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What is Noxitril?

does noxitril really work

Noxitril is a new formula made from a substantial number of herbal supplement ingredients that are targeted at helping minimize male sexual dysfunction and providing the virility and potency that leads to satisfying bedroom performance.

The formula is fast acting, claiming to take effect in minutes, leading to hours of high quality, boosted sexual performance

How Does Noxitril Work?

Noxitril claims to used the exclusive and unique lineup of ingredients to boost your sexual performance at every stage, from getting and maintaining an erection to lasting bedroom performance.

There are ingredients that help with blood flow and vasodilation, as well as those that increase blood pressure, energy, and libido.

This is all meant to come together to create a potent virility formula that is aimed at making you feel years younger both in and out of the bedroom.

What Are Noxitril’s Ingredients?


The extract of certain hot peppers is shown to not only boost the flow of blood to the genitals, but it has a potent vasodilation effect that allows the elevated blood flow to result in better erections.

Cayenne is also known to increase body temperature slightly, helping to ignite the libido. (Source)

Avena Sativa

The straw made from common oats has been found to be an intense male sexual supplement when it is powdered and taken as a supplement, as it lowers inflammation and swelling, improves cognitive function, as well as provides mild anti-depressant effects.

Recent research suggests that oats may also help to reduce lipids, helping with weight loss. (Source)

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris has been used in traditional herbal healing for centuries, as the extract of the plant’s fruits is often used to treat many aspects of diminishing sexual performance.

It is purported to have a significant role in boosting physical performance and athletic endurance in the bedroom and out.

When taken as a supplement, Tribulus fruit can help lower blood pressure, LDL levels, and kidney issues, while increasing the user’s ability to gain an erection. (Source)

Maca root powder

One of the ingredients that are often included in supplements targeting men’s sexual health since it is claimed to have an incredible impact on nutrition, semen, athletic endurance, strength, and even cognitive levels.

The documented effects it has on semen make it one of the most valuable supplement ingredients to include in a men’s health formula since it increases the volume of ejaculate, but because it also helps the motility of the sperm, boosting the overall quality of the semen too.

Another renowned ability that maca has is the ability to elevate the libido to nearly superhuman levels, while simultaneously providing a surge of vitamins and minerals to the diet that may be in short supply.

The powder of the root is also helpful in boosting general athletic performance, creating more lean muscle mass, raising baseline energy levels, and improving overall exercise ability.

On top of these benefits, the root may also be able to improve memory and mental functions. (Source)

Tongkat Ali

Also known as tung saw, E. Longifolia this Asian shrub has a documented role in pumping up the testosterone in men whose bodies have begun to slow down the production of this essential hormone, which can lead to enhanced athletic performance, an insane libido, reducing or even eliminating symptoms of erectile dysfunction, mood improvement, and even improved physical composition.

Tongkat is able to help relieve many of the symptoms of daily stress, helping to improve the user’s general mood and disposition, while melting away the anxiety that many men find building up.

The increase in testosterone that the longjack can help cause, brings with it a plethora of benefits like increased energy, depression-reducing abilities, supercharged libido, and even decreased body fat percentage. (Source)

Muira Puama Bark Powder

Native to brazil is a tree whose powdered bark is known to be a potent sexual medicine in traditional healing rituals.

The bark from Muira Puama has been known for generations to be an incredibly strong aphrodisiac and libido turbocharger. (Source)


Sarsaparilla is a relatively unknown supplement ingredient that is claimed to improve digestion, promote healthy kidneys, and improve sexual performance overall. (Source)


L-Arginine is an essential amino acid that is needed by the body for many natural processes, even though we cannot make it ourselves and it is not found in many foods naturally.

It is needed to help modulate hormone levels in the body, particularly in the older segment of the populace, and when supplemented it can help those aging bodies to have much more stamina than they are used to, making them more able to withstand challenging activity, both in the gym and in the bedroom.

This compound is also essential for helping create nitric oxide, which is absolutely vital for strong, hard erections that last. (Source)


Pumpkins, in particular the seeds, are dense collections of vitamins and minerals that have a reputation for helping men to excel sexually when consumed in supplement amounts.

In addition to the nutrition, they provide massive amounts of zinc, which is a key for the body’s successful creation of both sperm cells and testosterone. (Source)

Nettle Root Extract

The extract of the root of the nettle plant has been used in traditional herbal treatments and holistic medicines for as long as we have written history, for its purported benefits that include pain relief and reduction of symptoms from prostate enlargement.

In some ancient cultures, it was used for the warming properties that the leaves produce, as well as for gentle pain relief from conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and even back pain.

In order for it to be consumed safely, the plant parts must be cooked, dried, or freeze-dried in order to be able to consume it without dangerous side effects, but once it is prepared it can be used or stored without issue.

It is known to be able to reduce prostate swelling, which can result in some regained erection ability. (Source)

Catuaba Bark Extract

The special alkaloids that are in the bark of this South American tree have been used generation after generation for traditional herbal healing and ceremonial functions, where it is used as an alertness aid, as well as a calming agent.

Even though it is used as an aid for staying alert, it has a remarkable effect on the central nervous system, lowering the feelings of anxiety and nervousness in the user, and even when taken in large doses it will not interfere with the user’s natural sleep cycles. (Source)

Astragalus Root Extract

The extract of the root of the astragalus is claimed to ease upset digestion, help modulate metabolism, as well as help improve injury recovery time.

Additional research shows that it may improve lung function as well as the function of the adrenal gland. (Source)

Orchic Substance

Extracted from bull genitals, this substance has been linked to a boost in sexual performance. (Source)


It can help significantly improve blood flow to the areas of the body that best contribute to healthy sexual performance, as well as balance many hormones such as testosterone. (Source)

Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

While all of the ingredients are claimed to be safe if taken as the manufacturer recommends, anyone thinking of beginning a new supplement should check with their doctor to ensure there are no potential dangers from medication interaction or medical issues.

Does Noxitril Really Work?

After using Noxitril per the creator’s directions, for more than two months, and having seen zero meaningful results, Noxitril did not work in this situation.

Knowing that many male supplements can take more than a month, and sometimes up to two months to see significant improvement over baseline performance, so our expectations were tempered with that knowledge.

Even still, we were well into our third bottle before we simply abandoned the rest, to move on to something else that hopefully rewarded our time and money with performance.

How to Use Noxitril

The manufacturer states to take two pills per day, every day, and results should become apparent in approximately 2-4 days of consistent use.

Where Can You Buy Noxitril?

While Noxitril is certainly not difficult to find, it is a bit more exclusive than some other supplements.

Major brick and mortar supplement stores will have it, as well as large online retailers and marketplaces.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Noxitril?

With no results to show for some considerable wasted time and money, there is no reason to recommend Noxitril.

If you happen to be browsing male sexual supplements online and checking out the reviews, we can honestly say just keep on shopping.

There are such a large number of supplements out there that have proven results, that there’s no reason for someone with a sound mind to toss away good cash on this stuff.

On that note, check out one of my top choices for male enhancement pills here.

Paul Musumba


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Read our Noxitril review, and learn more about the ingredients, potential side effects, what stores sell it, what the user results are, and much more.

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