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Viswiss Review: Legit Male Enhancement Pill or Bunk?

Like ten million other products available in the men’s sexual supplement category, Viswiss promises to provide relief to male sexual failures and dysfunctions by simply taking one or two pills a day.

They work, in theory, by using natural ingredients known for giving a big bump to the male libido, as well as helping the body create more testosterone.

This is supposed to occur by the use of incredibly powerful ingredients that have all been proven to work, in some capacity, toward the end goal of improving male sexual function and response.

But, as we all know, there are millions and millions of similar products on the market that claim the same or very similar results from taking their pills, with equally “effective” mixtures of the same or similar ingredients.

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But ignoring all of the same-old-same-old marketing and advertising gimmicks and the real customer testimonials, how do you find out if a product does what it claims, particularly for men’s sexual supplements that often take a month or two of use to begin to work?

You try them out, of course.

But not everyone has the money, time, or drive to simply try supplement after supplement, measuring their results as objectively as possible, and then reporting them to people on the internet.

Luckily, that’s exactly what we did, so here’s more about our experience with Viswiss.

What is Viswiss?

Viswiss is a relatively new male erectile dysfunction supplement that claims to be able to enhance male performance using nothing but all-natural ingredients.

It does this by working to eliminate common barriers to getting full, strong erections, and issues contributing to erectile dysfunction.

How Does Viswiss Work?

Viswiss supposedly works by helping to dilate the penile tissues, boosting blood flow so those tissues can become engorged when needed, and boosting testosterone to increase energy and sexual stamina.

It claims it can accomplish this with its all-natural ingredients and only a 30-day window.

What Are Viswiss’s Ingredients?

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto extract is an ingredient found in a huge number of male enhancement supplements, and for good reason, it is amazing at its job.

Saw palmetto has been found to significantly raise the testosterone levels overall in men who take it as a supplement, as well as boosts the health of the prostate, and a noticeable reduction or even elimination of inflammation.

Additionally, it is active in the fight against the breakdown of testosterone into its subsequent by-products, this helps the testosterone in your system stay there longer, helping to boost your overall baseline testosterone levels. (Source)


Maca root is an incredibly popular ingredient in many men’s sexual supplements, due to the effects it can have on the male sexual system and semen, even having some recognizable research that backs up those claims.

The incredible boost to libido that it provides is not the only sexual benefit its users can reap,  but it also helps increase the quality, volume, and motility of the semen.

Maca has also been shown to provide a boost to the overall mood and can help reduce or even eliminate many symptoms of depression.

The isolated maca root is also able to help provide a demonstrable increase in athletic endurance, muscle gains, strength, general energy levels, and exercise performance.

Other studies show that Maca may have a noticeable effect on cognitive functions and mental performance in memory tasks. (Source)

Korean Ginseng

The ginseng root has a long history as being an ancient and powerful herb that is used for a wide range of things.

Ginseng is great for diabetics, as it helps balance sugars and it also may be helpful in regeneration of brain cells, improved immune system, and boosted brain functions.

Most of the time, ginseng is used for the antioxidant levels as well as the anti-inflammatory attributes.

There have been studies done that show that there may be benefits to those that have been diagnosed with various types of cancer, including colorectal.

Ginseng is also a great energy booster, which could help combat the effects of aging and erectile dysfunction. (Source)

Ginkgo Biloba

With the boosted flow of blood that ginkgo provides, the benefits can be seen in the rejuvenation of cells that comprise the central nervous system, but also a noticeable increase in the quality and frequency of erections.

Maidenhair, has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years due to the large range of benefits.

Ginkgo’s antioxidant effects are just one perk; it also promotes increased blood flow to the central nervous system, brain, and penis. (Source)


Popular for its beautiful yellow color, this herb is found naturally occurring throughout the Americas and has been used for medical purposes for centuries.

While there are many health benefits, one of the biggest perks is that it acts as an aphrodisiac and helps to increase the blood and oxygen to your penis. (Source)

Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

Before taking any supplement you should always consult with your doctor or preferred medical professional to identify any potential issues with use, based on your physiology and medical history.

While the ingredients are claimed to be safe, they are not intended as a medical treatment for any disease or condition, and only a medical professional will be able to advise you if it is safe to ingest, about your personal medical history and condition.

You should also examine the ingredients for possible allergy and medication interaction issues.

Nobody under the age of 18 should begin taking Viswiss.

Damiana is known to lower blood sugar, though often not by large amounts, so those who may have blood sugar issues or could be sensitive to such changes should exercise caution.

This can be of particular seriousness for diabetics who are looking to include diet, exercise, and supplements in their strategy for minimizing the effects of diabetes advancement.

Does Viswiss Really Work?

Originally, like with just about any supplement out there, this one was approached with careful optimism, since the ingredients were reliable, recognized, and known to do what they were claiming, there was also a wide variety of them so if one didn’t work the user isn’t necessarily out of luck.

The initial program length is one month, and we gave it two just to be sure that it had all of the opportunity and time it needed to provide the effects that were being claimed.

While the usage guidelines were adhered to, and there were no other pre-existing conditions in the way, the results that we were expecting after using for 2 months simply were not there.

Unfortunately, after the one-month mark, we had only noticed a very slight increase in energy but nothing that would warrant the price that we paid.

Nevertheless, we took that initial little energetic feeling as a good sign, and continued our daily supplementation without fail, for another full 30 days, to give the Viswiss a chance to do its thing.

After 60 days of taking two pills per day, and never missing a day, the only benefits we noticed were a relatively minor boost in energy, but that was nothing like what we were expecting, it was incredibly mild and felt almost like a couple of extra cups of coffee that lasted a while longer.

The increased energy did not seem to carry over into the bedroom, and while there wasn’t any significant improvement there luckily were no adverse effects either.

In theory, Viswiss should work extremely well, unfortunately, the results we noticed were sorely lacking.

How to Use Viswiss

The manufacturers did not provide an abundance of information about their product online for potential customers.

It took us buying the product to get the dosage and administration instructions since they weren’t posted anywhere on their official site or anywhere else easily accessible.

The Viswiss dosage is relatively simple and straightforward and only requires that you take two pills per day, and do not exceed that dosage.

Where Can You Buy Viswiss?

One of the things that made Viswiss seem a tiny bit more legit is that it wasn’t available from 12,000 different sources at a simple Googling.

We were initially drawn in by the prospect of Viswiss being somewhat exclusive, and that it couldn’t just be resold by anyone who bought a case.

Viswiss is only available from the official product website, and at the time of writing, only one-month supply bottles were available.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Viswiss?

There was such a small increase in libido overall, that we don’t think there is enough value in spending the price of Viswiss to get such a small return.

In our opinion, your money, time, and expectations are much better spent on any one of the other products that have a proven track record of satisfying real customers and producing meaningful results.

If you happen to be shopping male performance-boosting supplements and you come across Viswiss, our advice is to just keep on shopping, because you’re bound to find something, anything, better.

Paul Musumba
Viswiss Pill

Viswiss Pill

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