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Blualix Review (2021): Legit Pills Or Waste Of $?

When consumers go shopping online they generally depend on reliable retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Therefore, many make the mistake of assuming everything sold on these websites are legitimate and worthwhile.

Unfortunately, this is a mistake when it comes to sexual health products like Blualix.

Blualix is a newcomer to male enhancement products yet is already making noise for its ability to increase energy levels, libido, and performance.

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Furthermore, it’s widely available everywhere from Amazon to Wal-Mart.

However, that doesn’t necessary make Blualix safe and therefore worth your hard earned money.

Learn more about Blualix and its claims to boost size as well as performance in the bedroom:

What is Blualix?

blualix pills reviewBlualix is a relatively new male enhancement and sexual performance product.

It is largely marketed toward older adults that may recognize they are losing some ability between the sheets.

As a result, Blualix promises to boost your testosterone levels (much like other male supplements) while improving libido.

Moreover, Blualix explains that the ingredients contained inside the formula assist with those that struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Consequently, Blualix primary assists with:

  • Increasing Energy Levels
  • Improving Stamina
  • Supporting Libido
  • Enhancing Sexual Performance

Blualix is created by Tane Labs, a company based in the United States.

According to the official website, Tane Labs produces every bottle in a certified facility.

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How Does Blualix Work?

Blualix, like most enhancement products geared toward men, targets your testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a significant hormone in the male body that plays several vital roles, including the libido (sex drive).

Not surprisingly, most male enhancement pills and sexual health products aim to increase testosterone as a surefire method for reigniting a sex life.

However, improving testosterone levels is generally one of many issues that factor into the perplexing dilemma of erectile dysfunction.

Nonetheless, Blualix markets its pill to older males who generally begin to lose some of their sex drive as they age.

Older men can attest to the frustrations of not being able to maintain an erection or satisfy a partner in bed.

Blualix promises to enhance energy levels, stamina, and performance.

Lastly, Blualix informs potential customers that its male supplement will increase the supply of blood to the penile area.

According to Blualix, this results in “bigger and harder erections on demand”.

The final assertions that Blualix is capable of improving your length and girth seem far fetched, especially for the older users it targets.

Of course, it’s difficult to gauge the potency of a male supplement without diving into the ingredients contained in the formula:

What Are Blualix Ingredients?

The male supplement pill Blualix promises to improve size, combat erectile dysfunction, as well as boost energy levels.

Blualix seems proud to offer customers all-natural herbal extracts and botanicals in the formula, but does it actually work?

Horny Goat Weed Leaf

The first active ingredient in Blualix may sound ridiculous yet the herb does have history in sexual health.

Horny goat weed is one of many herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The aphrodisiac has been linked to treating several different issues related to low libido, including erectile dysfunction (ED).

It does feature chemicals that assist with blood flow (with the hope that it will redirect to the right places, at the right time with a partner).

These assumptions were investigated in a 2008 study worth consideration.

Nonetheless, horny goat weed lacks credible evidence to support its use in a male supplement. (Source)

Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali extract is another term for Eurycoma longifolia.

The ingredient is common in many male enhancement pills on the market.

The tall, slender evergreen shrub-tree is most pronounced in Southeast Asia, where it remains a protected species.

The Far East has used it in traditional medicine for centuries yet lacks clinical observation in the western world.

Thus, the claims about Tongkat Ali extract vary widely with some website claiming it treats ED, while another contradicts that statement.

Regardless, some still prefer taking Eurycoma longifolia for its reported ability to boost testosterone and sperm levels. (Source)

Saw Palmetto Extract

According to Blualix, Saw Palmetto extract “may help restore healthy libido levels in men”.

Like many of the claims found on the official website of the supplier, it includes the wording “may”.

Notwithstanding, Saw Palmetto extract does have a purpose in medicine.

The tree produces ripe fruit which provides relief from many different prostate conditions, including benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

Studies are very limited on Saw Palmetto extract, however, one did conclude it increases testosterone levels.

Regardless, strong scientific evidence is lacking to support the use of Saw Palmetto extract for treating ED or other sexual health issues. (Source)

Wild Yam Extract

Oddly, Wild Yam is traditionally more associated with female reproductive issues compared to treating erectile dysfunction.

Despite it all, Blualix includes Wild Yam extract in its list of ingredients.

Bluealix claims that Wild Yam extract “regulates mood patterns and reduces performance-related anxiety”.

However, there is practically zero evidence to support these wild claims.

In fact, most seek to harvest the plant for a chemical it contains called diosgenin, which a lab can convert into estrogen.

Thus, in the past, Wild Yam extract has been more sought after by females compared to men.

It’s difficult to trust the claims made by Blualix, since scientific evidence does not support its claims. (Source)


Sarsaparilla (not to be confused with Root Beer) is a plant known for its natural remedies.

The root is used to treat a variety of skin diseases, arthritis, and STDs.

It’s also utilized in the manufacturing industry to flavor a variety of foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

Unfortunately, because of its many variations (German sarsaparilla, Indian sarsaparilla, etc.) – consumers do not always know if they are receiving the real thing.

“False Sarsaparilla” is a common impurity found in many formulas and doesn’t contain any of the active chemicals found in true sarsaparilla.

Additionally, clinical research lacks to support sarsaparilla for treating skin and kidney disorders.

Regardless, Blualix claims that its Sarsaparilla will improve your sex drive and support healthy fertility. (Source)

Nettle Extract

Nettle extract (Urtica dioica) is the final primary ingredient advertised in the formula of Blualix.

Blualix mentions that Nettle extract “may help support healthy testosterone levels”.

It’s true that Nettle extract contains a surplus of iron, protein, fat, and minerals.

However, like all the other ingredients in the Blualix formula, lacks credibility.

Nettle extract, also known as “stinging nettle”, may decrease swelling while improving the ability to urinate.

Thus, some patients use stinging nettle for urinary tract infections (UTIs), enlarged prostate, or kidney stones.

It also is rumored to be involved in the treatment of diabetes for patients seeking an alternative remedy.

Notwithstanding, there are very few links between stinging nettle and sexual health, further doubting the claims made by Blualix. (Source)

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Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

Even Blualix seems uncertain about its formula that it otherwise touts as “all-natural”.

The wording on the official website is overstuffed with terms like “may” which doesn’t exact improve customer confidence in the male enhancement pill.

Additionally, Blualix does not offer any promise or guarantee with purchase.

What you pay for is what you get, so don’t expect any option to return or get your money back if unsatisfied.

They even appear to post a disclaimer of their own, stating “Individual results will vary.”

Of course, Blualix and other male enhancement scams received a blow from the FDA when it released a letter to Amazon notifying the online retailer of these suspicious products.

The letter was intended to notify Amazon (and other popular online retailers) that it was openly selling sexual enhancement and weight loss products in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

The list contained nearly 50 weight loss and male enhancement products found to feature hidden ingredients that may pose a significant health risk.

Consequently, we highly recommend avoiding Blualix for its questionable lineup of ingredients (both active and hidden).

Does Blualix Really Work?

It’s extremely difficult to trust Blualix and its new sexual enhancement product.

For starters, the website even seems uncertain about its claims and does not offer any type of money-back guarantee.

Moreover, Blualix lacks any type of trustworthy testimonies or even customer reviews, despite still being available on Amazon.

Considering that this industry has been repeatedly flagged by the FDA for unsafe ingredients and production standards, Blualix is unreliable.

There is close to zero evidence that any of the 6 primary ingredients in Blualix do what the manufacturer asserts.

Additionally, you may be unaware of the hidden ingredients commonly found in sexual health formulas.

The FDA has busted several other products in the past for containing active pharmaceutical ingredients not listed on the labels.

Some of these ingredients are only available in prescription medication, therefore presenting a significant public health threat.

Thus, consumers are largely unaware regarding the potential dangerous side effects as well as how Blualix may interact with other medications or dietary supplements.

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How to Use Blualix

Blualix is a male enhancement pill designed to improve libido and treat erectile dysfunction.

Blualix makes several broad claims about Blualix including that it will improve energy levels and performance in the bedroom.

It even goes as far as to suggest that you can grow in length and girth, despite marketing to a senior audience.

Unfortunately, Blualix lacks credibility and even basic instructions on the best method of consumption.

Even the manufacturer seems unsure of how best to inform an audience about how to use Blualix.

Where Can You Buy Blualix?

Blualix remains readily available on Amazon and Wal-Mart despite the FDA attempting to remove comparable male enhancement products.

It’s very new, and it takes time for regulatory oversight to become aware of every dangerous product on the web.

You can also find it through the official website if you want to buy direct from the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, we recommend avoiding Blualix as there are numerous red flags to discredit the validity of its claims.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Blualix?

Blualix is something new and reportedly different, though it looks a lot like the numerous other scams on the internet.

There are many reasons to doubt that it will be effective for treating erectile dysfunction or low libido.

While some of the active ingredients are linked to testosterone, the formula as a whole is not substantial.

None of the active ingredients are guaranteed to improve your sex life.

Moreover, you may not be aware of the hidden ingredients you are also consuming or how this may interact with another supplement.

Therefore, you should avoid any product without the clinical research and testimonial support.

Blualix is not worth your money and could become disadvantageous to personal health.

Paul Musumba


1.3 out of 5 (79 Ratings)

Does Blualix really work? Probably not. Learn more about these pills, including the ingredients, side effects, user results, where to buy it, and more.

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