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Umzu Redwood Review (2022): Is It Worth Buying?

Supplements for men generally promise to deliver specific results to certain parts of the body.

As a result, most men build a supplement stack to get a well-rounded daily intake of vitamins and herbal remedies.

Umzu Redwood is unique for a male supplement in that it revolves around a more holistic approach to medicine.

The company believes that you cannot achieve the results you want at the gym or in bed without taking control of ALL aspects of your life.

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Thus, it’s formulated to improve your physical, mental, and sexual health by starting with the circulation of your blood.

It sounds terrific in theory, but does Umzu Redwood really work?

Learn more about this nitric oxide booster and what others have discovered using Umzu Redwood.

What is Umzu Redwood?

umzu redwood reviewsUmzu Redwood was created by fitness influencer and Neuroscience graduate Christopher M. Walker.

He created a line of wellness supplements, some of which target specific function groups.

Meanwhile, others (like Umzu Redwood) primarily improve circulation of the blood in the body while delivering several other holistic benefits.

Consequently, users that invest in Umzu Redwood hope to receive a complete vitamin and herbal supplement that improves mind, body, and soul.

The plant-derived supplement improves circulation which ideally transforms the entire body into feeling better.

As a result, this supplement may improve:

  • Overall Circulatory Health
  • Blood Flow to Extremities
  • Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Varicose Veins

Umzu Redwood utilizes clinical research and all-natural ingredients to deliver its formula.

Lastly, men that take Umzu Redwood may notice an improvement in the bedroom.

The manufacturer promotes the male supplement for sexual health as it can assist with increased energy levels and stamina thanks to improved circulation.

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How Does Umzu Redwood Work?

Umzu Redwood promotes its formula as a booster for nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide naturally occurs as a compound in the body.

It’s responsible for the relaxation of muscles as well as dilating blood vessels.

Consequently, nitric oxide promotes the correct flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body.

When the body is deficient of nitric oxide, the walls of blood vessels become crowded and unable to send the proper blood flow and oxygen to crucial parts.

For this reason, it is believed that spurring nitric oxide with a male supplement can help you feel and look better.

It’s important to note that Umzu Redwood does not actually contain nitric oxide yet encourages the body to produce the compound by introducing several vitamins and extracts.

Even better, nitric oxide production also has been known to increase immunity and brain function.

Nitric oxide boosters are extremely popular among bodybuilders and others looking to improve overall health.

Improving blood circulation is also connected to sexual health, including frustrating issues like erectile dysfunction (ED).

Unfortunately, there are numerous nitric oxide boosters on the market that are not effective at what they promise.

Nonetheless, Umzu Redwood has the reputation and testimonials to separate itself from most of the B.S. coming out of the industry.

It only incorporates all-natural ingredients into its formula (some of which have clinical research to warrant its use).

The formula has been especially effective with men over 50 that struggle with circulatory problems like high/low blood pressure.

Regardless, it’s important to keep in mind that supplements vary between users and the results may vary.

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What Are Umzu Redwood Ingredients?

Umzu Redwood is different from your typical nitric oxide booster.

For starters, it does not include the traditional amino acids (L-arginine, L-leucine, etc.) commonly found in these types of supplements.

Instead, Umzu Redwood fuels nitric oxide production in the body naturally by encouraging its synthesis in the cells.

As a result, this supplement features several vitamins, herbal extracts, and proteins to encourage nitric oxide for improved circulation:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very recognizable ingredient in numerous products.

The powerful antioxidant has been linked to improved cardiovascular health in several studies.

Experts largely agree that Vitamin C can lower blood pressure and reduce oxidative stress.

Both of these problems interfere with nitric oxide production, and therefore your circulation.

Umzu Redwood suggests that users consume 2,000 mg of Vitamin C per day to improve blood flow.

According to the manufacturer, this may increase nitric oxide output by up to 200%.

Vitamin C is critical to several functions of the body so a daily intake is never a bad idea.

However, with such a large dosage it’s plausible that a fair amount of the daily intake passes through the body without being used (and excreted via the urine). (Source)


Garlic is an interesting inclusion in the list of active ingredients for Umzu Redwood.

Notwithstanding, garlic is loaded with nitrates as well as a compound known as quercetin.

Umzu Redwood notes that quercetin is linked to increased nitric oxide levels in clinical studies.

Interesting enough, one study discovered that garlic is more effective at dropping high blood pressure and improving circulation compared to multiple prescription medications.

It’s believed that garlic has a direct connection to your circulatory system because the antioxidant regulates nitric oxide production.

Umzu Redwood claims that combining garlic with Vitamin C may increase nitric oxide production by as much as 200%. (Source)

Horse Chestnut Extract

Venous insufficiency (or varicose veins) are common in aging men reaching their 50s and 60s.

While not always a direct sign, varicose veins may be the result of vascular diseases.

Consequently, many men seek to avoid the presence of varicose veins for many reasons.

Horse Chestnut extract may reduce some of the symptoms associated with poor blood circulation.

These include common problems like varicose veins, spider veins, fatigue, and swelling in the legs.

Umzu Redwood believes Horse Chestnut extract may combat this issue because of a compound it contains called escin.

However, research is limited on Horse Chestnut extract yet a connection may exist with improved blood flow in the lower extremities. (Source)

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract derives from evergreen trees, not far from the backyards of many people in the United States.

The bark is rich in antioxidants which may negate the unwanted effects of oxidative stress on the body.

For this reason, some choose to consume Pine Bark extract as a blood flow enhancer.

Umzu Redwood notes that Pine Bark extract not only increases natural levels of nitric oxide, but forms a protective barrier as well.

The initial research on Pine Bark extract is comforting for patients that deal with cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.

Moreover, Pine Bark extract may improve symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Despite it all, clinical evidence lacks to directly link Pine Bark extract to a variety of cardiovascular issues. (Source)


Lactotripeptides are two naturally occurring milk peptides (IPP and VPP) found in the body.

Most dairy products contain lactotripeptides, which are also present in the formula of Umzu Redwood.

While not every man wants dairy in a supplement, Umzu Redwood supports its inclusion because it believes the proteins normalize blood pressure.

Umzu Redwood notes that clinical research supports the use of lactotripeptites to improve blood flow and pressure.

Notwithstanding, these claims have been contradicted by the NIH in at least one study.

As is the case with many active ingredients in male supplements, recognized clinical research is lacking to reach a conclusion on IPP and VPP. (Source)

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Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

Umzu Redwood, unlike some male supplements, does not hide behind its ingredients.

There is a disclaimer on the official website that explains its claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

However, this is the norm for a industry that is highly unregulated and features several faulty (borderline dangerous) supplements.

Thankfully, this supplement is not one of these as all of its ingredients may lack complete clinical support yet are all-natural nonetheless.

Vitamin C supplementation and other ingredients contained in Umzu Redwood are unlikely to cause any dangerous effects.

Meanwhile, Horse Chestnut seeds may interfere with blood clotting and produce mild side effects if not formulated properly.

The formula does feature dairy (thanks to the milk proteins), so anyone with an allergy or intolerance should avoid for another supplement.

Additionally, the manufacturer advises consulting with a physician prior to supplementation.

It’s critical to remember that Umzu Redwood specifically targets the circulatory system.

Therefore, if you have a heart condition or issues with blood pressure (especially if you are taking medication), you should speak with a doctor first.

In the end, the results vary from individual to individual, though no serious side effects have been reported from using Umzu Redwood.

Does Umzu Redwood Really Work?

There is enough evidence and satisfied testimonials from real users to support Umzu Redwood.

The vast majority of the active ingredients featured in it are natural and safe for consumption.

While the daily intake of Vitamin C (2,000 mg) matches close to the max consumption for most adults, an excessive amount is unlikely to cause much harm.

It’s wise to add vitamins to your daily arsenal if you have a particular deficiency.

Nonetheless, there are other ways to receive Vitamin C and garlic if you want to avoid a specific product.

Cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure and varicose veins effect many Americans, and several seek a more natural solution compared to prescription meds.

Still, we simply do not have enough research on multiple ingredients (like Horse Chestnut Extract and Pine Bark Extract) to reach a strong conclusion.

Thus, it’s appropriate to recognize that Umzu Redwood may be more effective for some men compared to others.

In terms of its ability to combat sexual performance and health issues, some ingredients are linked to assisting with ED yet also lack sound evidence.

Consequently, there are other male supplements for sexual performance that may be more appropriate depending on personal needs.

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How to Use Umzu Redwood

Umzu Redwood recommends consuming 3 capsules with food up to 2x per day (6 pills total).

The objective is to take the male supplement approximately every 12 hours, especially in the morning (ideally with breakfast) and the rest of the capsules prior to a workout.

Unfortunately, they don’t provide instructions for men that prefer to workout first thing in the morning.

According to the manufacturer, most users report seeing results within the first 30 days of consumption.

Regardless, Umzu Redwood recommends taking the male supplement for at least 60 days before determining how effective it is for your needs.

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Where Can You Buy Umzu Redwood?

Umzu Redwood is available for purchase through a number of online retailers (including Amazon).

However, you can buy direct from the manufacturer which is the preferred method for most consumers.

Umzu Redwood offers several different deals when you purchase direct from the supplier.

For example, you may decide to opt for a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription to save money.

The Redwood 1Pack provides a 30-day supply for less than $35 through the official website.

Moreover, the Redwood & Testro-X 30-day supplement stack is of outstanding value at $80.

Or, you may elect to invest in the Male Vitality Stack from Umzu that provides everything a man needs to promote overall health and vitality (retail $120).

Regardless of your selection, Umzu Redwood features a 100% guarantee for 60 days or the money returns to your pocket.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Umzu Redwood?

Umzu Redwood is a low-risk selection in a world that is filled with artificial, borderline dangerous products.

The formula may not have the complete backing of clinical research, yet there is enough evidence to support its use.

Most of the active ingredients in this supplement are well known (Vitamin C, garlic, etc.) and not dangerous for consumption.

The formula is free from synthetic and proprietary ingredients found in numerous other male enhancement pills and testosterone boosters.

Furthermore, it spurs nitric oxide in a natural way without introducing high volumes of amino acids like L-arginine.

As a result, men should feel at ease about taking a daily supplement that does not come with the risk of dangerous side effects.

Those that need to improve flood flow and circulatory function (while ideally receiving a sexual health boost) can do a lot worse than Umzu Redwood.

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Umzu Reviews

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