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Gres Cacao Review (2022): Does It Really Work?

Men from all over the world are speaking out regarding the frustrations of a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction (ED).

These sexual health issues do not recognize any boundaries as sexual dysfunction effects men from all regions.

While the range of sexual health issues vary (pre-ejaculation, decreased testosterone, ED) there is a common sentiment – most men are not satisfied with their length or girth.

Therefore, issues with size and hardness of an erection appear to impact performance more so than others.

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As a result, a company from Haiti has introduced an alternative on the market that is receiving some buzz.

Gres Cacao attempts to relieve anxiety and frustration associated with small size, unreliable erections, or other issues that impact libido.

The remedy has been utilized locally in Haiti for centuries yet is just beginning to emerge in U.S. markets.

Learn more about Gres Cacao and whether it’s safe for consumption in our full review of the product.

What is Gres Cacao?

gres cacao reviewsGres Cacao sounds foreign to people in the United States, however, the term is very recognizable in the small island nation of Haiti.

In fact, the ingredient has been utilized as a natural remedy for 200 years.

According to the manufacturer of the sexual performance supplement for men, cacao has the potential to lengthen or enlarge your manhood.

Thus, the manufacturers of the male supplement claim that it can reduce or eliminate numerous problems associated with the anxiety of penis size or maintaining erections.

The traditional male enhancement supplement is advertised as 100% natural and “extremely potent”, according to the supplier.

The formula is produced by an Haitian family that has construed the recipe for decades and since expanded to include operations in the U.S.

Gres Cacao insists that its formula of the ancient herb is all-natural, safe for consumption, and free of severe side effects.

In addition to improving length and dependability of erection, Gres Cacao also notes that the herbal supplement can offer other health benefits.

Nonetheless, most consumers find it difficult to trust offshore formulas that make bold promises like enhancing the size of your penis.

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How Does Gres Cacao Work?

Gres Cacao is both the name of a herb and a male enhancement formula designed from Haiti.

According to the supplier, when the substance is heated it creates an oil-like consistency.

The heated formula activates natural elements believed to enhance your manhood.

Consequently, those that consume the herbal supplement on a regular basis may witnessed improved length and width.

In addition to penis growth, the male enhancement supplement can address other issues in the bedroom like erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

How the exact science of Gres Cacao works is not clearly defined on the official website.

Of course, this produces a few red flags though other information sources have examined the natural remedy.

According to one source, Gres Cacao may target the tissue in the male genitalia with amino acids.

These amino acids interact with the neurological pathways and blood flow, stimulating movement and growth to the penile area.

The manufacturer insists that giving the product a try can eventually produce results which will also boost mood, confidence, and self-esteem.

It even goes as far as to suggest that the herbal supplement will improve prostate and testicular health, too.

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What Are Gres Cacao Ingredients?

Gres Cacao is quite a bit different from the average male enhancement supplement you’ll discover online.

For starters, it’s all-natural yet the formula is only composed of a single ingredient.

It’s very different from other sexual performance supplements like EnhanceRX which feature several different natural ingredients in the formula.

Thus, one has to ask if a single ingredient can really make that big of a difference, including enhancing your genitalia:


Unfortunately, there is very little information about this ancient herb that has reportedly been used in Haitian medicine for centuries.

What we do know is that natural herb is grown on the island and other locations of similar climate.

The South American tree is known for producing both cocoa and its far lesser known counter-part, cacao.

The beans develop flavor during a fermentation process before its transformed into a powder or butter.

High temperatures are used to process cacao beans which taste more bitter compared to cocoa powder, yet maintain more of its nutritional value.

Some Haitians claims the herb can improve size and address issues related to poor performance in the bedroom.

The raw cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants and may also increase testosterone levels.

The substance is rich in minerals like zinc, magnesium, and iron.

Additionally, bioactive steroids are present in forms of cacao including the formula devised for the male enhancement pill.

According to the manufacturer, Gres Cacao does not incorporate any artificial chemicals or compounds.

Thus, the company claims that the formula is safe for long-term consumption without the risk of severe side effects.

It sounds terrific in theory, but we are hesitant to recommend a potential solution that lacks any credible studies here in the United States. (Source)

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Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

Gres Cacao insists that its formula is completely natural and safe for consumption.

The company reportedly uses organic cacao that when heated, activates compounds and other properties that assist with low libido.

According to the official website, customer feedback has witnessed results in as little as 2 weeks.

While the site claims that its product is free of dangerous side effects, it’s still recommended to speak with a general practitioner before consumption.

One user review noted that Tongkat Ali is actually an active ingredient in the supplement.

There are a few minor risks associated with the natural herb, including insomnia, restlessness, and irritability.

We recommend using Gres Cacao with caution since little is known about this natural remedy here in the United States.

Does Gres Cacao Really Work?

Gres Cacao insists that its formula is effective for enhancing the male genitala.

It bases these claims on the number of satisfied customer reviews that posted improvements on the official website.

While some of these reviews do attest to its effectiveness, keep in mind that it’s easy to create false reviews, especially on an official website.

Instead, we would like to see a deeper explanation and understanding as to why cacao is more worthwhile compared to other ingredients on the market designed for the same purpose.

The bioactive steroids in the formula may have an impact on penis growth naturally.

Nonetheless, modern science will tell you that it’s incredibly difficult to enlarge size and girth without a cosmetic procedure.

Despite it all, Gres Cacao has the advantage of selling an herbal remedy that is not well researched here in the United States.

Thus, it’s difficult to both validate or disprove any of these claims.

Even the manufacturer will tell you that the supplement may not work for everyone, and results may not be imminent.

Extra caution should be advised for any foreign product, especially when it’s not sold with a money-back guarantee.

How to Use Gres Cacao

Oddly, there is little information regarding how to consume Gres Cacao on the official website.

All it simply states under the FAQ section is: “Extensive instructions will be included within your package.”

Users can find directions from third-party websites that instruct people to melt the supplement for about a minute.

Then, the instructions are to apply the substance directly to the penis when attempting to stimulate sexual arousal.

The instructions for taking Gres Cacao are a little bizarre, and it doesn’t help that the manufacturer provides few details before purchase.

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Where Can You Buy Gres Cacao?

Gres Cacao is available for purchase through the official website.

You also may have luck finding the same formula (or similar products containing cacao oil) on Amazon and eBay.

Gres Cacao is relatively affordable yet doesn’t offer a free trial or any type of refund.

It’s yet another reason to feel hesitant about trying a male enhancement product that derives from a developing country.

Unfortunately, the FDA does not have oversight in places like Haiti, so nothing about the formula or its production standards can be verified.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Gres Cacao?

Men that suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), low sex drive, and performance anxiety are desperate for a solution.

It has ignited a wave of male supplements for sexual health, not all of which are worthy or legitimate.

Where does Gres Cacao fall in the broad mix of supplements?

While it’s easy to get excited about something new, especially an all-natural remedy that has been used in local medicine for centuries, the science is not sound.

There is practically no evidence or studies within the United States that warrant taking cacao as a supplement.

While some of its properties could, in theory, increase length and girth, it seems far fetched.

Modern science will tell you that enhancing length is very difficult to accomplish without professional cosmetic assistance.

You may feel like you have nothing to lose, but the ingredients of the male enhancement formula are not fully verified.

Despite customer reviews on the official website that claim otherwise, we doubt some of the promises made by Gres Cacao.

If you’re looking for a supplement that truly does work in this regard, click here to learn more about Vigrx Plus.

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Gres Cacao

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Gres Cacao is an herbal remedy that claims to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), low sex drive, and performance anxiety. With that said, does it really work?

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