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KSX Pills Review: Does It Really Work?

The men’s sexual supplement market is certainly large and saturated.

You get assaulted with ads for them just about any time you’re online, no matter what sites you’re on you see pills to increase blood flow, boost testosterone, and swell your penis tissues to maddening sizes so that you can be the bedroom dominator you’ve always dreamed of.

It makes sense though since many men are simply obsessed with the idea that having a bigger penis will make them a more viable lover, or a more virile man overall.

They often have a completely acceptable and functional penis, but because a hundred ads a day show them doctored photos or super-endowed naturals that make them feel like there is something that they should be doing to improve it.

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KSX is one of these products, but right from the jump, they drop you into a landing page that is just ripe with pictures of dude’s junk. This is of course after an introduction by a definitely real and super serious professor guy who is so professional he’s even wearing a stethoscope he absolutely didn’t get on amazon.

The pitch they start with is old hat.

That they know how hard it is to live with such an ashaming, and lackluster penis, that can barely please any woman, and so they offer a “medically proven” way to increase your penis by a guaranteed 4.3 inches in only a month, which seems like a pretty good deal, right?

That’s what we thought, then they throw in additional claims of making these new mega-boners last longer, allowing you to give your partner a minimum of 5 orgasms, specifically.

They talk a lot about the shame of being unable to please women with a small penis, and how badly erectile dysfunction can impact the lives of men that can only have sex for a short while before their erection fades.

There are several strong emotional appeals to not only the insecurity of men with small penises, but also their willingness to throw away money on “useless products”, and the creators of KSX vow to make you happy with your penis once and for all.

What is KSX?

do ksx pills really workKSX is claimed to be a sexual supplement for men that can help improve every single aspect of their sex life, from your own self-confidence, all the way to how you perform in the sack.

There could be any number of reasons that someone experiences erectile dysfunction, from mental blocks to the physical effects of stress, to things as serious as hormonal imbalances and testosterone shortages and production issues.

The makers of KSX offer to help all of that, with the additional promise that they haven’t filled the pills with extra artificial ingredients such as preservatives, fillers, or additives so all you’re getting are the pure ingredients.

How Does KSX Work?

When looking into the medical mechanisms by which KSX operates, we rapidly became skeptical, when we were unable to find any substantial amount of research regarding the specific formulation.

On one hand, it doesn’t appear as though the manufacturer has gone through any specific efforts to hide information about KSX, it just seems like they aren’t giving all of the information to consumers that they could be.

Healthy blood flow to the penis is what enables strong and healthy erections, and if that blood flow is restricted or blocked for any reason, and there are literally thousands of possible reasons, then the ability to gain an erection can be impacted.

That is supposedly where KSX comes in, by helping to boost blood flow, opening up blood vessels, and relaxing both penile tissue to accept that blood flow, as well as the user, to help alleviate any potential mental blocks.

KSX is claimed to play an active role in sending blood to the penis specifically, and it helps lower the overall stress levels so that you aren’t under loads of performance pressure.

What Are KSX’s Ingredients?

The KSX formula consists of just four ingredients, but supposedly when these ingredients are combined in the right proportions, they yield the most substantial penis-growing supplement the world has ever seen.


Guarana has been found to be very effective in raising metabolism, as well as suppressing fat cell production genes and aiding genes that slow it down.

This may help reduce heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer rates in many people.

Some research shows that guarana is effective in improving memory, learning ability, and alertness.

The significant amount of caffeine in guarana helps to block adenosine, not only giving an energy boost but reducing overall drowsiness and fatigue while improving focus on the task at hand. (Source)

Peppermint Extract

Peppermint extract is known to have significant vasodilation properties, opening blood vessels up to accept increased blood flow, making it easier for the blood needed for an erection to get where it needs to be.

The cooling sensation of the menthol in peppermint extract is also a calming agent, providing a relaxing sensation when applied to the skin. (Source)

Arctium Extract

Also known as burdock and considered a weed in a large part of the domain that it grows in, and in its raw form resembles small balls with teeth or small hooks covering them, that allow them to stick to pretty much anything and travel.

There are a number of health benefits that burdock can impart on those who incorporate it into a daily supplement, such as lowering cholesterol as well as the risk of diabetes.

It has also been praised for its ability to help cleanse the blood and support the liver, during a study on rats, even though those results cannot be directly correlated to humans.

The primary benefit of burdock, however, is the boost to the libido and the ability to maintain an erection, and while it is not as significant as brands like Viagra, for example, it still supports its use as a sexual performance enhancer. (Source)

Ginseng Extract

This eastern medicine staple is known for boosting the vital energy and libido, resulting in increased blood flow to the penis resulting in both faster and harder erections.

The increase to the libido lends a stamina increase that keeps your performance in the bedroom lasting longer than you’re used to. (Source)

Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

Before taking any supplement you should always consult with your doctor or preferred medical professional in order to identify any potential issues with use, based on your physiology and medical history.

Users should also check the ingredients for any potential allergy and medication interaction issues.

Since guarana is very high in caffeine, it may disrupt sleep patterns if taken too late at night.

Caffeine can also operate as a very efficient laxative, which can be an undesirable effect for many people.

Does KSX Really Work?

We wanted to tell you that we saw massive increases in penis size, in fact, we’d like to tell you that we saw some sort of result, but that isn’t the case with KSX.

After taking the KSX supplement for more than a month, there was no change in the size of the penis itself, nor any meaningful improvement in general sexual health.

Hopes were certainly high going into the trial, but we didn’t expect a complete letdown, having nothing happen just felt like a giant waste of money and time.

How to Use KSX

We were unable to find definitive dosage instructions anywhere in their overwhelming crop of penises before ordering, however, once we received the bottle there were clear instructions to take two capsules per day.

We chose to take them in the morning due to the effects of the guarana.

Where Can You Buy KSX?

KSX seems to only be available through their “official” site, which we have to admit, still looks really scammy.

It does lend a bit of credibility to the product that it isn’t simply available at every online outlet you could name, and every brick and mortar store in town, it made it feel a bit exclusive.

The ordering process was simple, and only took a few minutes, requiring the standard shipping info, payment info, and billing info.

The product was packaged and shipped very discretely, arriving in a simple plain brown box with only the shipping label on the outside, and plain packing tape, which was nice since we weren’t looking to advertise what we were doing.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying KSX?

We really wanted to like KSX, and we gave it an honest shot for more than a month, but we were still left wanting, well, something…anything!

There are a number of secondary effects that can be felt on a quite fleeting basis, but nothing that stuck around long enough or made enough impact to make us take notice.

In the world of mens sexual enhancement products, there are countless supplements that outperform KSX, many are even cheaper, go with literally any one of them and save some disappointment.

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KSX Pills

KSX Pills

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KSX claim that it's a fast acting male performance supplement, but does it really work? We discuss everything you need to know in our exclusive review.

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